What now? Firefox??

I got so annoyed with Firefox’s unexpected misbehaviour of “vibrant ads” (those doubly-underlined phrases that take you completely off my blog / website, and to a page where you can win a Ferrari , because I can’t give you a Ferrari! pop up in your face over what you are trying to read) that I made the mistake of blocking them…  it wasn’t successful so I reverted (with an apologetic sigh in direction of Snowden) to Google Chrome.  Now that I want to try a css fix for those “vibrant” ads, I can’t test it because Firefox is not displaying them in the first place.

You must know, it’s not about me.  Yes I hate hyperactive pages.  But I want to keep my website and blog clean of these unrelated pop-up links, because there are standards and I haven’t given anyone permission to advertise on my turf!  It’s like someone sticking their sign selling windscreen repair kits on your front lawn.  And the city council (speak, the browser) endorsing this!

My problem is now to get back to those annoying pop-ups so I can test the fix.  I can’t remember how I blocked them, what I used.  If every one of hundred million web users (or however many use Firefox) has to install an ad blocker to get back to a clean web experience, how tragic!  I’d rather bear with them and watch how webmasters find ways to block them on sites that weren’t opened for outside ads.

Anyone have any ideas?


Ooh, quick edit:

I see that one of the related posts popping up is “Your e-book is reading you”.  I’d like to take the opportunity to point out that our ebooks, at P’kaboo and Honeymead, don’t read you.  They are in pdf format.  They are well-behaved.  😉





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