“Vibrant” ads, keyword popups

If you can’t see any phrases that are underlined double, in this text or anywhere else, you probably have your pop-up blocker on, or Adblock, or something.

There is a “new” kind of advertising (actually more like spamming) around, that underlines keyword phrases and links through to some or other ad.  In my case, for some obscure reason they want me to win an iPhone.  Thanks, guys, but no thanks.

First I thought it was Firefox 14.  It turns out I’m wrong.  These little beasts pop up in all browsers; only the browsers have developed different ways of coping with them.

If you mouse over one of those double-underlined phrases, a box pops up and won’t go away until you click on it – either to close it or, as someone on the forums pointed out, to click the “help” icon (a question mark) and turn them off.

It appears from the discussions that people actually use them the way they use adwords, simply to advertise.

Good and well, but what (tf) are these things then doing on my blog and on my website?  Neither am I collecting any pennies from them, nor are they advertising anything I have to sell.  So who put them there??  Without my say-so?

Now, I know that WordPress has been including in-column ads to try to push us all to pay for the blogs we were promised were free.  So it stands to reason they’d annoy us further with these little vermin.

But on my website?  Or indeed, on any page I visit?

I’m looking for a css or java-script trick to block them off my pages (and if I have to stick the same bit of code at the top of every page), because I wouldn’t tolerate my competition putting up posters on my lawn, either.  If any of you happen across such a css or js trick, please please let me know!

Here are the perps:

IntelliTXT / Vibrant Media

And I quote:


9 thoughts on ““Vibrant” ads, keyword popups

  1. My popup blocker obviously woiks weasel-nably well.
    Of course, one has to accept that there has to be more in it for sites like WP than simple love of fellow human beans, and I’ve often wondered what it is. It should be spelt out, though.

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