…so there was this mad Irishman…

Yeah, at the risk of sounding RACIST:  I married an Irishman.

Hubbs went across the road to get some sugar / coffee / whatever.  On the way he passed the kiosk where “they” always sit and watch us, crawlers monitoring our movements through the palisade fence.  They know exactly who lives in which unit, who drives which car, who comes home at what time, who is only home occasionally, and who is on holiday.  (A solid wall is not on the cards – too expensive, say the Powers That Be.)

So he starts taking photos of them.  This gets them highly upset.  So he leaves and continues on his way.

On the way back he approaches the guard that is posted there, a guy in a grey uniform saying “Griffiths Security and Cleaning Services” (which I can’t find on the net).  He only means to ask this guard a favour – to keep an eye on the lot sitting there watching us.  But before he could even finish his sentence, the guard assaults him, tries to put handcuffs around his wrists, threatens him with mace (or a mace, not sure).  At least Hubbs keeps his head and does not fight back, only enough to resist the “arrest”.   He calls the police.

Police arrive.  One of the crawlers instantly claims that my husband assaulted the guard!  Of course the race card was also played immediately.  Police decide they have to arrest both, get statements and eyewitness accounts.  The guard has 5 eyewitnesses who all assert that the victim started it.  My hubbs (it turns out) has one eyewitness, from across the road, an old lady who stays here, and she’s white…

So Hubbs said, let’s leave it.  Charges (his charges of assault) were dropped.  The guard was also relieved to drop charges -unwilling to have anything to do with the police office.  Police left it at that.

They did not take any photos.  They did not investigate the “bible” kiosk and toilet for any illegal or stolen goods.

That’s how these crawlers get away with murder!

We have a neighbour, a tall and burly man from, as he himself puts it, “the locations”, who went across the road and told the guys in their own language that if this happens again they won’t be facing the police; they won’t be facing one white man but ten of all colours, and they will understand clearly that this is not a racist issue.  After which the guys didn’t leave there but at least turned their backs to our home.

Bless him.  We still have angels moving amongst us.



16 thoughts on “…so there was this mad Irishman…

  1. Jeez! Where do you live!! I married a Welshman. Trouble is he did martial arts so I couldn’t imagine him being so restrained.

    Come to Gibraltar. Or Spain. Where I live you can walk around at any time of the day or night without fear. It’s worth a lot.

    • Hi Rosy. 🙂 Yep. We got through it anyway. Last night they were crawling around the complex again, and someone got into my garden – set off the security light, that only lights up if someone has actually entered the garden because the road is blocked off from the light by our hedge. If it had been one of our cats it would still have been in the garden when I checked, usually sitting staring at the door hoping to be let in. It wasn’t. Someone also repeatedly set off neighbours’ alarms, and I also heard something bothering around at the cars… I’ll have to put my feelers out to check who else heard them.

      This is not going away by itself, and the security company that’s been contracted can only start next week. I hope they will!

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