Next round

River crawlers just broke into my Jetta & tried to hotwire & steal it. They managed to move it into the driveway before neighbours coming home interrupted them. Now I can replace a window and the ignition (again!), and I already know the insurance doesn’t pay – they want more excess payment than the repairs cost.

We have been promised armed response and house alarms to be installed this past week, and not a trace. Was that deal with the security company ever signed? How should we know?  It’s definitely in line with the rest of the laid-back time-generous attitude of “management”.  They hold frantic meetings but where are the results?

14 thoughts on “Next round

    • The thought has crossed my mind, also that old trick with a poisoned brandy flask. Sadly, the laws are such that honest citizens get locked up for such stuff and the thieves never get caught.

    • The miracle of our police is that when honest citizens are being targeted, suddenly all that amazing forensic and assault arsenal is all available along with the police suddenly having the mental power of nuclear scientists.

    • You’ve no idea mon amie. We’re taking turns keeping watch, I haven’t had more than 4 hours sleep per night in about 2 months. It’s insane.

    • 🙂 Count on you to provide a smile! On the upside, I never thought I’d see a real live police chase live,but Saturday night we saw 2 police vans drive insanely in an effort to catch (or perhaps shoo away, because if they shoot they can lose their jobs) the Crawlers.

  1. I had a car that was endlessly targeted (vauxhall astra – choice of nickable care for boy racers). Second time it was nicked my sweet neighbour called the police (he was an ex-cop) who were busy following it but it hadn’t been called in as a TWOC. Bizarre. Anyway, after that I took out high tension leads, removed distributor cap, etc every night. And we lived in the best part of the the city 😀

    I was gutted the first time it got nicked. Couldn’t believe it. Really feel for you.

    Can’t you get onto the management board/committee whatever? I’m a director of our block and chair our management company. I’m also the budget holder too. Yes, it means extra work, but it’s worth it to run the place.

    • Wow, that sounds unpleasant too! Boy racers stealing your car just for drag-racing? It’s best to have something like an alarm – even a silent alarm or tracker, to catch the perpetrators and nail them. But I know, these things only work in theory. :-/

      I’m actually not planning to stick around this place much longer. No point getting on the board. I’m putting whatever force I can rally, into moving us elsewhere.

      Apparently management wasn’t at fault this time – the security firm seems to be on leave. This does not bode well.

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