Hoist the Colours

Hoist the Colours

Somehow this song has been sticking in my mind for a while now.  It doesn’t help that my daughter keeps on singing it.


Hope this embed works.

Somehow, genre and all considered, this song catches the depressive atmosphere of many pirate shanties.  But it utterly fails to grab the effect of a group of men singing songs in two- or three-part harmony around a campfire, in tune.

I have had the privilege to experience this first-hand many times, in the youth group I used to attend when I was a youngster.

It is bone-shiveringly amazing.  It cannot be described in words.

May the human voice never stop singing!  (We don’t need yowling or whining or rapping or all the rest of the rubbish that gets passed off as ‘singing’ these days – genuine singing, with melody and harmony, thank you.  May that never die.)


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