Armed Robbery

Just updating my blogpals:

after a month of them trying to break in almost each and every night (and our patrols foiling them), there’s been an armed robbery now.  They picked a soft target – an 18-year-old boy who was home alone – and held him at knife-point, cut him too, kicked him around – this is terrorism.  They didn’t have to beat him up.  Swamp monsters!

Well, I don’t know further from here.  Now that they come armed, and we all are disarmed (this is Africa, honest citizens can’t get a license to carry a gun – not easily – and outlaws are protected by the law), the place is beginning to empty, leaving the rest of us even more vulnerable.

I don’t know what we’ll do next, I’m out of plans.  The body corp had a month to ramp up security and… nothing.  Well, nothing much.  A couple extra lights.

You might not see me for a while, my optimism is sort-of up.  I’m up at night but can’t blog.

Take care of yourselves until I’m back!


… gipsika …


15 thoughts on “Armed Robbery

  1. It has become worse than epidemic proportions.
    I had an interview scheduled for today for some editing. The principal of a Jhb-based firm was coming down to conduct a seminar. He had to postpone the trip. Why? The fall-out from an armed robbery involving his 16-yr-old daughter and a friend.

  2. 😦 I spoke to the security guard at my mom’s place. He keeps the security village safe, but he asks me, “what safety?” He was robbed and stabbed in the back (literally not figuratively) in his and his mother’s home, they stole his motorbike and he still can’t walk without pain.

    • It is, at this point. Especially our home complex is under siege. Meyerspark/Silverton crime is up by 900% according to the neighbourhood watch. Meanwhile the UN proclaims that crime in SA has come down??

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