Calling my authors

Would my P’kaboo authors please write a few of their favourite quotes from their own stories in the comments here, complete with reference of the story & page (and, if it makes sense, the context)?

If possible, I’d like at least one quote out of every book.

Over to you.


15 thoughts on “Calling my authors

  1. Bill Williams had been off duty when the accident occurred.
    He had just mailed a parcel to his granddaughter for her birthday and was having a cup of tea with Agnes French, the Postmistress, when the call from Constable Finch came through on his mobile phone.
    Constable Finch had arrived at the scene in the squad car just as the ambulance was leaving. When he heard that Fred had been involved he had phoned Bill immediately.
    ‘C.Q, C.Q, Finch calling, sarge. Over. This is P.C . . .’
    ‘Constable!’ Bill snapped, forestalling any more of Finch’s gibberish.
    ‘Yes, sarge?’
    ‘You are phoning me. I’ve told you about this before. You had to press the numbers on your phone. You are not using a C.B. radio and I am fairly certain they went out with disco music.’

    Almost Dead In Suburbia Pg. 46.

    The place was crawling with police. They were everywhere. A few officers were walking.
    All were dusting, photographing or poking around for clues. Occasionally things were picked up and dropped into plastic bags.
    Outside, black and yellow tape surrounded the house. After an hour, all they had was two dead bodies. No killer, no clues and no motive. Twenty minutes later, a panel van from the coroner’s office arrived to remove the bodies.
    ‘Tag and bag them, Marchant,’ said Inspector Petitpois.
    ‘Oui, Inspector,’ replied Detective Marchant.
    ‘What do you make of it, Inspector?’
    ‘Oo knows? Crime of passion, I suspect. ’Appens all the time with these rich types.’
    ‘Ah, you mean they were both passionate about money but only one of them ‘ad it. Like that?’
    ‘Oui, exactement!’

    The Pourne Identity. Pg. 148

    Most Navies classify their submarines according to their design and capabilities. American submarines have class types such as, Los Angeles and Sea Wolf,
    The nuclear submarine, George US Less (that is how the navy painted the name on the coning tower) was a top-secret research vessel and therefore, like its namesake, had no class. It had just finished manoeuvres off the Saudi Arabian peninsula. Specifically, off the coast of Didjubi.

    The Pourne Identity Pg. 152

  2. The town of Corlington is the type of place where certain people think that having a world-famous fast food outlet in the high street is sure sign of progress. The same people often swore by the practice of always carrying indigestion tablets. And these forward-looking people were none too happy when a few elderly members of the local bowls club started distributing flyers with the message, Say No to Muck-Donalds.
    Anyway, for those residents who had a more old-fashioned approach to take-away meals, the place to eat was across the road. At least with fish ‘n’ chips no one has ever made allusions to the food being road kill.
    Fokyu’s Fish n’ Chips (pronounced: Foe Queue’s) had formerly been a Chinese take-away but survived in this guise for only three months. After doing almost no business and receiving at least one death threat when someone’s cat went missing, Mr Wi Fokyu decided to change to selling fish and chips.

    Almost Dead In Suburbia Pg 93

  3. Ok I guess, my turn too (where are Col and Marie with quotes from their excellent novels?)

    “The Mystery of the Solar Wind”:
    Oh yes, thought Wolf. Most importantly, that you don’t insult your paramedic when in a compromised position. Revenge, in her case, seemed to be an involuntary reflex.

    “Federi, not everyone has a gypsy radar!”
    “Correction, Jon. Everyone has one. Some dare to use it.”

    • There was a reason – but in the interim we were burgled, I’ll blog on that in a second. I’m on my son’s little-old computer. In the meanwhile I’m sure there were a few more authors than you and me at P’kaboo. But maybe I was wrong. It’s puzzling.

  4. I’m really loving the theme/design of your website.
    Do you ever run into any browser compatibility problems? A few of
    my blog audience have complained about my website not working correctly in Explorer but looks great in Safari.
    Do you have any advice to help fix this problem?

    • 😉 Yes sometimes browsers are incompatible. Recently Safari picked up a problem, but usually it’s IE giving all the grief… IE is really a fossil, go Firefox. (I hear from some that Firefox is experiencing trouble of some sort but I’m not sure which trouble, I haven’t encountered it myself.)

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