A BIG thanks to House4Hack



is an innovative company in Centurion. Their trade:  Programming software, supporting Linux and helping ladies in distress.  (From their home page it seems as though they also support inventors and new business ventures.)

It goes like this:

Thursday night after a satisfying day of teaching, rehearsing and exhausting myself in all sorts of ways, I opened my little darling netbook (from which most of P’kaboo is run, I’ll have you know) and tried to log in.

The login failed.  Some or other “session gnome” had gone AWOL.  A tiny little program that was supposed to be there, had been “swept” away when I had run “Sweeper” for a disk cleanup in the previous session.

Linux does not have viruses.  (There is no profit in ruining someone’s Linux with a virus – they just re-download it, for free.  The chances of someone on Linux ever paying for Windows again approaches 0…)  So I knew that it had to be that silly little program.  (The people of House4Hack commented with a grin that “a lot of people must be p*d off with the software company that wrote that little program!”  It turns out I’m not alone with encountering this bug.)

Anyway, so after hacking away at my poor little system to no avail for a coupla hours (and finding out very interesting things in the process), I loaded up Spellforce on the ol’ PC and got into playing that.

Friday morning, Hubbs called “PLUG” for me – the Linux support group in Centurion.  He got Schalk on the phone, who then tried to coach me through fixing the situation, but decided eventually that I’d better bring the netbook in.

This was one stubborn bug, and one professional programmer; he backed up everything that I hadn’t yet, and then he could simply have wiped the machine and reformatted the Linux, but he didn’t.  Instead he went into the program itself, and didn’t give up until he’d actually repaired the specific bits that Sweeper had broken.

I am deeply impressed.  And P’kaboo as well as the Music Studio are deeply indebted to Schalk and House4Hack.

It is fun watching a Linux programmer in action; and also the jargon the four programmers there exchanged.  Because I half-understand what they are saying.  I half-get what many of the command-line commands mean; I did a bit of Turbo Pascal programming back at Uni (that’s 20 years back); and by having learnt html and css, and working on Javascript and php, I understand the logic behind the structure; yet it’s like knowing the structure of Romanian, and following parts of certain words (e.g. “politia” is police), but not knowing the language.  One knows just enough that one really knows one doesn’t really know at all.

In the meantime:  “Almost Dead in Suburbia” is now also available in (cleaned-up) Epub format, on Epub Bud for $6.99.  Those of you who enjoy the humour of Douglas Pearce, go have a look (1st chapter is a free preview).



One thought on “A BIG thanks to House4Hack

  1. It’s always SOMETHING to alleviate the boredom, isn’t it?
    I was hoping that this might account for the fact that several of my cover pictures have vanished from my sidebar, although the links are still there – but that isn’t it.

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