After a week of being harassed and battered by hugely rude and offensive people calling themselves the “trustees” and “managing agent”, I called a Residents’ meeting for our complex.

Because enough is enough.

How can someone who doesn’t even live here, want to dictate to us when our children must be quiet, and whether revving our car engine is offensive?  How can people who don’t live here themselves decide that 50 shades of grey is a becoming colour scheme for our living space?  And most irritatingly, how can those people decide to withdraw all that has already been established:  The right to keep pets, the place where we park, the shape of the plants in our garden?

The only resident trustee lives across from us and he “checks up” on us so jolly often, I feel stalked!  Every time he sets foot out of doors he peers over into our garden, for which purpose my hedge has been decimated so that it’s quite see-through now.  With winter coming, not much hope for privacy soon.

Legal Aid tells me I can get a restraining order – but it will only keep him from physically entering our garden, not from peering in and checking if he can see into our living-room.  Alternatively I can file for harassment (“teistering”) for them to leave me alone.

This board of trustees has been doing nonsensical stuff:  Painting all the carports black so now at night they are invisible and had to have reflectors put on them to prevent accidents; painting the place gray to the disgust of all residents; installing a highly defective cellphone-operated system for gate security; and now they want to remove the security beam from the gate.

Knowing that there are a number of (usually unsupervised) kiddies running around the complex on scooters and mini-bikes, I can just predict that this will end in trouble.  But – our handyman advised us tonight that the gate does have a second safety feature, a pressure-sensitive motor that will reverse if it encounters an obstacle.  The only thing is to set it to a sensitive enough setting.    That sorts that concern; but apart from this there are several issues that were discussed tonight in which the residents, tenants and the resident owners that are usually too quiet to open their mouths in an AGM, wanted an input.  I’m very glad I did this, a lot was achieved.

One of the things that need to be done is that the House Rules need to be updated.  Surely it is up to the residents, not the non-resident trustees, to decide which levels and types of noise are acceptable at which hours.  And surely non-owning residents who also need to live here, ought to have a voice in this.  I remember, years back, renting a flat in a place where there were mainly old people; I was 20.  Nobody objected to my practising viola, but the poor girl next door who had a four-year-old son, had to keep him quiet all the time so as not to upset the elderly.  I feel that this is over the top.  Children have a right to live, too!  Every elderly person needs to remember that once they were a child, too!  (And in my model, they will be again.)

There is of course a chance that we’ll be overruled by the non-resident owners in updating the house rules re ambient noise and other issues.  But hopefully this was the beginning of our voice.

And I’m now tired.   G’night you all.

2 thoughts on “Knackered

  1. “…How can someone who doesn’t even live here, want to dictate to us…”

    1) Because they can. This has always been the problem with power, even petty power.

    2) Because someone somewhere wants you all out so they can redevelop the site? THis is just a suggestion – I hope I’m wrong.

    • (2) is a chilling thought. Instead of buying us out properly, “chasing” us away and making life miserable for us so we consider selling cheaply. Haven’t even thought of that yet.

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