Some people are maar sensitive, eina

LOL – This is a line I need to remember, for later use on spammers.

I browsed a site of a music association I’m interested in, and it’s a very complete if somewhat bland site, but the header is bad enough to put people off the whole club. It’s gaudy, overly busy and totally illegible, in a difficult-to-read font before a jumbled background image in similar colours.  It looks like a child’s messy toy box.

This is a professional society who sits with this site, and they list their webmaster, so I dropped him a line with suggestions on how to make the header more legible. (Note I didn’t say anything bad about it, just that it’s difficult to read.  I didn’t even suggest to lose the background image in favour of a better one, though I should have.) He comes back with “thank you for offering to redesign our header for free, here are the dimensions” .

Now tell me, in which way is he a webmaster if he can’t take suggestions from people considering joining the society?

A website is a shop window.

If the shop window looks like one of those jumbled knick-knack shops but the website is for a professional society, it turns away people who would have been interested.  This particular one certainly turned away my hubbs – he browsed it a few months back but took one look and decided, “Yuck”.  Literally.

Don’t get me wrong:  I love flea markets.  But it’s not the market sector I’m in.  Why should I brand myself as such?  It shows a lack of self-respect.  In the case of societies, professional associations, schools, colleges, and similar (who are trying to brand themselves as “a cut above the rest”), web design is about status and it ought to reflect status.


2 thoughts on “Some people are maar sensitive, eina

  1. Are you sure he didn’t mean that literally? Otherwise he is in great need of a flea in his ear. I would like to see this work of art of theirs …
    btw The Solar Wind has a mention on a recent post of mine.

    • YAYY! Let me swing round! 🙂

      It’s in fact possible he meant it, in which case I need to ask myself by which criteria he calls himself webmaster? It’s a circus… 😉

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