Tiny islands of Sane



Note my birdie?  It’s a nesting kingfisher!  🙂

Today I miss my home school.

I’ve already given a group lesson (by now that “already” is a bit faded – the lesson was between 7h and 8h, and apart from the difficulties getting out of bed early enough, I find that early timeslot really exhilarating.)  (The spelling of the word “exhilarating” is illogical, anyone noticed?).

And now I’m back home with my boy, he’s not well.  And I remember just how lovely it was to have all three my kids around me every morning (afternoons of course I work – give violin lessons).

Things are livening up in the studio, hopefully they’ll still liven up a lot more.  With the Ceilidh on Saturday, I’m hoping for a good turn-out.

Books:  Yes working on a number of them.  Authors: Working on a few of those too.  Own novels:  “The Shooting Star” is coming along… readers of the “Solar Wind” must please be warned, this is not necessarily merely a sea story.  😉

And here is where we were on Sunday:

The Wonderboom  (Wonder Tree)



The Wonderboom is a giant fig tree.  The original stem has disintegrated by now but the rosette of second-generation daughters is still standing, each of them massive…  and what Meggi is looking at there is in fact the third generation, the outer rosette.

I was 9 years old when I saw the Wonderboom first, and at that time the original tree, though already hollowed out, still stood.  There was no built-up walkway and one could climb around in the roots of that amazing tree.

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