A treat and a music publishing house

Thanks to all my peeps who came by to pat me on the back and give me hugs when I was feeling so down!  You are appreciated!! This morning: A friend organized a gift pack for me (she didn’t know about my attention-seeking misbehaviour, she’s not a blogger) from Isabella Garcia skin care products!  Now, we’re very loyal Amway people for the past 15 years already, and I adore the Artistry skin range, but a gift is a gift and what a delightful one!  Dale Carnegie (so I read on Facebook so it must be true) said that we only really have four contact points with people:

  • what we look like
  • what we do
  • what we say and
  • how we say it.

I’ve been very serious about the latter 3 for ever, but it has to be brought home to a hill-billy like me that (1) is also important, in fact (1) is your first impression. The other thing I found this morning that tickled me absolutely pink:

Rhinegold Publishing

This is a music publishing house in the UK (judging from their website a brand new one).  Those of you who have read or are following updates on my Solar Wind series know the character “Rhine Gold”.  His real name is Reinhold Schatz and he’s a proud Hamburger.  He received his nickname firstly because the crew was too lazy to learn how to pronounce his name, and secondly because of his gorgeous wavy, long, golden hair (he also grows a beard).  The slant at the Nibelungen is of course also there, the whole German descent, heroic “Siegfried the dragon slayer” effect.  Paean (our main heroine) calls him “hero material”.  Here are two scenes with Rhine Gold getting some good spotlight:


The Tall and the Tough

He shook his golden curls out of his face, splattering like a wet dog, and peered up into the rigging with its half-closed booms, hanging onto a line. The sky was grey with dusk now, darkening the clouds further. The white Crow’s Nest contrasted starkly. Yes, that thing was indeed stuck. They’d get to that in a second!

He forged his way forward along the handhold lines, ignoring the water that gushed around his boots. He was a born and bred Hamburger! Bit of sea didn’t frighten him! He dashed a glance over his shoulder to see if Federi was following, wondering how the scrawny man stood up to the job in times like these. 

(read more on SCRIBD)


And in Solar Wind 2:

Hero Material

Paean headed to the snowmobiles.

You can’t go out there alone,” said Itzak. “Too dangerous. You ought to inform Federi and let him go look!”

Federi’s in an officer’s meeting,” snapped Paean. “He’s in enough trouble for us being late! Itzak, it’s my brother out there. I’m going. Reinhold can come along!”

I can’t drive a snowmobile,” objected Rhine Gold.

Neither can I, but I’m about to find out!” She was already in one. “Can’t be too different from the ship console!”

Hoy, Paean! Wait up! Let me at least show you how the controls work!” called Itzak. “First of all, go slowly. And don’t stop anywhere. Keep the com active. There’s going to be a blizzard. Temperatures drop terribly fast in these parts.”

My brother’s out there,” said Paean. “Now how does this vehicle work?”

(read more on SCRIBD)


Rhine Gold is actually one of those characters whom I created specifically, in his case for having a romantic interest for my irascible dynamite heroine Paean.  But he was too perfect.  Firstly he was no ‘genuine pirate’ – he’s no fugitive, he’s properly hired as a deck hand for his capabilities.  Then, he’s just a bit too young, strong and beautiful.  Ouch.  It happens.

So he developed a fatal flaw… and unfortunately it really is a flaw, until he gets over it, in the Shooting Star series.  Besides, the rest of the crew got out of hand…  Paean develops a terrible shine on the scruffy young ship engineer Wolf and starts unearthing his ‘nice guy’ persona.  Also, Federi (who was supposed to be the comic relief) comes down out of the rigging and takes over the plot; he turns out to be a terribly deep character with plenty of fatal flaws.  And… well you’ll have to read on to find out more.


On another note,

both Arcana (by gipsika) and The Everywhen Angels (by Marie Marshall) are available in paperback and Kindle on Amazon now.

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