Attention-seeking behaviour

Hi Peeps,  I’m feeling down…  😦



pls pls drop your sympathy in the comments if you feel like it!   (No obligation though.)


… gipsika


19 thoughts on “Attention-seeking behaviour

  1. Cyber-Hugs from me to you.
    And – seeing that I’m a bit under the weather. You’ll be happy that they are non-contagious cyber-hugs. You definitely don’t want to catch my cold.

    • Yup. Much better. I stuck an author page on Amazon today, uploaded “Arcana” and am working on (slight formatting hitches) uploading “An Air that Kills”. “The Pourne Identity” is waiting in the sidelines for your say-so.

    • Yeah, sorry, for the delay. It is so difficult editing like this. And painstaking as I have to check and recheck every scene.
      I am busy with it…I promise. I just hope the rewrite meets with your approval. I am feeling better about it, that’s for sure. I am two thirds done.
      I will provide a comprehensive synopsis of the changes and send the Track Changes version before clicking Äpprove

    • When reveal the gaping hole in the plot you might think differently and go ”Oh…riiight!”

      Or maybe I just fell out of bed and banged my head? It has been known to happen.

    • I am sure it happens to many authors. There were one or two moments in Almost dead that Ihope were finally ironed out in the second release.

      I want this to be as polished as I am able without any ..wait a moment (s). Experience has made me more cautious of crying, “Ah….Done!”
      There are several novels on my shelf where I have found such glitches and when I find myself asking questions that seem, on the face of it, so obvious then I want to make sure ( as possible) that my readers don’t face similar issues as they grate the hell out of me.

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