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11 thoughts on “Career choices

    • True on the one hand…

      Kids get tricked into certain career directions. They see the result of certain careers (e.g. the marine biologist who goes diving and investigates intertidal life forms) and they think, this is what they want to do. Come reality, they find they are spending most of their day in a laboratory or with paperwork.

      “Glam” careers like fashion model, typically, involve such high stress levels that the models are classically on a drugs-and-water diet. Art careers like ballet dancer involve nearly inhuman daily training schedules, and the politics backstage are unbelievable. To be good in one of those you have to be an exceptionally tough person.

      I know such a Lead Dancer. She’s the daughter of my old violin teacher.

  1. A degree of disappointment can arise because of misguided expectations about any career, be that rock star to accountant.

    This does not negate the fact that a great many people are able to fulfill childhood dreams either at the onset of their careers or by making a decision at anytime.

    If one allows too much cynicism to creep into one’s worldview there is a danger of passing on this feeling to others, unintentionally or otherwise.
    One of the reasons advice is so often ‘Free” is because it is so often useless.

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