School, and Auckland NZ

Parent evening tonight.  We were informed that – horror! – our children at times take chances and push limits.  Also, that our primary school year after year yields some of the top matric results…  um… wait, let me rephrase this:  Amongst the top achievers in the matric results, year after year there are a number that started at Skuilkrans Primary.  Kids who get seven, eight and nine distinctions.

This is very heartening.  Especially as homeschoolers give schoolgoers stiff competition year after year – usually the top 5 are homeschoolers.

I was also informed that Theory Grade 6 is first-year university level.  …??  Ok, I feel the need to explain, even if none of you were there to be given that strange piece of info.

In fact, to be allowed to play Grade 8 (pre-university or first-year university level in South Africa) on any instrument, you have to have done Grade 5 theory.  This means that if with Grade 7 (the new “matric” in practical music) you write Grade 5 theory, logically the next year (being your first year of university) will be when you write Grade 6 theory.

This sounds confusing because it is.  Music grades aren’t easily quantified.  A licentiate is never regarded with the same prestige or academic clout as a BMus, yet you’ll find that places that offer it will tell you it’s equivalent to final-year BMus.  Then, too, there are “diplomas”, whereas I really have to wonder who’d do those instead of the full Monty, the BMus.  You’re using the same 3 – 4 years!

Impossible Challenge:  The Shooting Star beats the Solar Wind to Auckland


Riddled with micro-cracks all over her compounding hull, the Shooting Star lands at Auckland, having beaten the Solar Wind fair and square by hydrogen drives – only to find that the Solar Wind is already anchored there, waiting.

Federi suspects that she teleported.  Arrgh!  Guess there’s no winning against a pirate!

What Captain Lascek can’t know is what Federi intends transforming the Shooting Star into, once the Solar Wind leaves for Perth.

(Captain never says what he wants in Perth.  Probably just keeping touch with his associates.  The lands “down under” have not been hit with Unicate as hard as Europe and America.  Somehow the Unicate in AUS and NZ is very civilized and mainly human.)

*Get a preview here:*


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