Ducky Award for P’kaboo!

We got a “Ducky Award”!!


Webutation has a page on us.  (People talk, hey?)

Now:  You all have noticed the little yellow duck that denotes us as [G] – general:  all ages, child-safe.  True true!

immy1photo VT1smlfront

We have the gorgeous “Immy” series, by Les Noble, for youngsters bordering on reading age (3-5).  And the “Violin Tunes 1″ for young beginners.  (Note to self:  So Lyz, when t.h. will VT 2 come out??)

We have Tabika 1 and 2 for fluent young readers. (Les Noble, again.)

Blank bookcover with clipping path

For more fluent young readers, we have the prolific Leslie Hyla Winton Noble’s Magic Circle sagas:

Regina, Baa Baa Black Belt, and Forest Circle Quest.   Also for young adults, the Solar Wind series (Lyz Russo) and, newly releasedThe Everywhen Angels  (Marie Marshall).


For adults, but not exclusively (if you are YA you’ll still be able to read these safely), we have the humorous Almost Dead in Suburbia (Douglas Pearce) and the rather deep Lupa by Marie Marshall.

Add a few more music books, some short-stories, some poetry – truly something for everyone (and Marie, your Everywhen Angels brings our IP tally to 30).

Focus on the Duck

I’m still thinking what we ought to do in celebration of our little yellow duck.  (What?  You’re not excited about a duck?  Haven’t you heard Ernie the Muppet sing:  “Rubber Ducky, you’re so fine…” ?)

We’ve got a subscribe option now, & subscribers get a pretty sweet deal, go check it out on the P’KABOO HOME PAGE.


5 thoughts on “Ducky Award for P’kaboo!

  1. “There’s a little yellow duck,
    Sitting on the website,
    A little yellow duck
    Telling you it’s alright
    To read all the stuff on the site, and books,
    ‘Cause it’s all as safe and cute as the ducky looks!
    There’s a little yellow duck,
    Sitting on the website –
    Quack, quack, quack!”

    (Apologies to Songwriters WHIPPO, WALT/ZARITSKY, BERNARD)

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