“Review yak”

Say what you like, before it was bought up by Smashwords, Clare Tanner from Bookhabit had a pretty sweet site going!

It was of course fully about self-publishing; the first site that self-published exclusively ebooks.  Ebooks were in the pioneering phase, with some of them simply being sold as .doc files.   We trusted in copyright to protect us from too much piracy, or we didn’t go there. E-publishing was a risk you took.  Amazingly, all this is only five years back.  It shows with what thunderous speed the electronic world is moving forward.

Anyway, she had a “Review-Yak” going on her site that featured reviews of selected books, podcasts and author interviews. A pretty interactive site.

Talking of reviews…

Be so good and click on this link to read the lovely review our very own, seriously non-self-published, Marie Marshall got for her “Everywhen Angels”.

It is worth reading.  Of course you can also read it  here.


The Everywhen Angels – Marie Marshall

The book is of course available in our P’kaboo Bookshop.   At this point, in ebook format only.

It will soon be available at Amazon, too; watch the links in the P’kaboo Bookshop for this.

Congratulations, Marie, on such a nice review!  (Still I feel it under-states your book.)



13 thoughts on ““Review yak”

  1. Reviewing this book without either providing ‘spoilers’ or giving misleading absolutes regarding its content is certainly a daunting challenge. Also, when focusing on some of the deeper issues covered it is too easy to lose sight of mentioning how enjoyable and entertaining a read it provides.

  2. To be fair to BestChickLit.com, their reviews are planned to be ‘short and sweet’, not really in-depth. It is quite a task getting a ‘serious’ review anywhere. I’ll see what Paul thinks…

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