Perfect Holiday Spot


I know I’ve posted this before but I thought this is a good moment to announce I’ve… gone fishing… 😉

Northeast of Samoa lie the picturesque Tokelau Islands.  White unspoilt beaches and azure seas.  And of them all, the prettiest is Fakaofo.

You’d have to be a real Atoll to think Fakaofo isn’t the perfect holiday spot.

In fact,

“Where are you going to go for the summer break?”


“Hey, I was only asking!”

It may be a bit of an encumbrance though if you hail from there:

“Where are you from?”


This will not gain you friends.

But if you are world-weary and seek that isolated island, this place is for you:

“I’ve had enough.  I’m leaving!  I’m going to Fakaofo.”


So the next time you need a break…  you know where to go.

Just Fakaofo.

(Apologies to my sister who discovered that such a place existed 😀 )


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