ISON and aliens

Somehow the biggest fear of Hollywood seems to be that the Statue of Liberty is toppled.


why does it float?

The Statue of Liberty is toppled in the film “Deep Impact” as the tital wave from the comet comes ashore in New York. The film-makers know very well that the statue will float…

We watched “The Arrival” last night.  A really creepy alien flick – though I felt “V” in the 80’s was done better.  (Guess that’s my selective memory.)

I was very disappointed that 1) the little black guy (the “partner” the main hero picks up) turns out to be one of “them”, and slightly nonplussed that the girlfriend who sets them back on his trail via calling the police, is not.  As she turned up at his door after a month of not seeing him I was fully convinced she had to be an alien.

There are some undertones of “Bodysnatchers” too – though “The Arrival” doesn’t come near to “Bodysnatchers” in creepiness factor.  “Bodysnatchers” is an old movie but I can recommend it.

Of course “The Arrival” had to bring in all the current-day media nonsense about widely spread dicey science.  And it touts a couple of concepts that really rub a person up the wrong way:

The concept that if we can’t look after our own planet we deserve to have some alien species move in and terraform it to their preference (and, essentially, to hell with all the other current life forms on Planet Earth);

The idea that broadcasting a message via national telly will rally enough resistance to something like that, that we can throw the (highly advanced and physically superior, and perfectly camouflaged) aliens out again.

Is this what they want us to believe?

In a similar vein, “Deep Impact”:

An undated artist conception image released recently by Ball Aerospace and Technologies Corp. shows the Deep Impact Impactor spacecraft (L) hurtling towards its planned impact on the comet Tempel 1, after being released from Deep Impact spacecraft (R). NASA expects the Deep Impact spacecraft to release the impactor towards the comet on July 3, 2005, and the Deep Impact spacecraft will then take images of the impact and debris cloud when the event occurs a few hours later.

There was actually a space program called “Deep Impact” (just like the movie), which sent out a probe that examined what happens when a comet is impacted with something heavy (and explosive I’ll presume).  Mainly, a huge plume of exploding gas and further nothing much.  Our “weapons” against such a huge piece of celestial rock are puny.

So everyone started spreading Armageddish newscasts about Comet ISON, probably the largest comet to pass through our solar system in a century.  It caused some weird volcanic action when it passed Jupiter’s moon Io.  This caused enormous panic in media circles.  While scientists watched with fascination whether this enormous comet with a core of around 2 km, would survive its graze with the sun’s corona, Armageddonists were prophesying the end of the world – i.e for their line of work, business as usual.

In 1994 a meteorite came hurtling into our solar system at one point, Shoemaker-Levy 9 (“Shoemaker” probably no ref to Michael and Rolf, the Racing Brothers).  The thing broke into 21 pieces and impacted Jupiter.




Well, this one, ISON, passed Jupiter safely and continued on towards the sun where it completed its ellipse…  to be fried to a cinder.



Ison rounds sun; pulverized!





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