Story Post – “Nix Romipen”

Current edit:  The Solar Wind 6

This is the final volume in the Solar Wind canon.

Federi & co are on a mission to eradicate an alien species (typically human, hey?)

(in fairness, that species attacked first.)

Bet you wouldn’t,” growled Federi and focused on the path to the Danaan portal. They were out of the enemy fleet by now, with only one or two ships still shooting after them. He activated the Salamanca drives, which Perdita had installed for Paean so that the Comet had all the options of the Probe, too. They warped away from the space fleet and hurtled headlong in the direction of Pluto.

He’d have to be careful with the Salamanca drives. They accelerated the craft to nearly intergalactic speeds. He worried that he might miss the base entirely. But there simply weren’t hours available to do this on magnetic drives alone. A bit more automation of the pathways was required. He’d put Wolf’s mind to it.

Federi hoped fervently that when they returned, the Space Base would still exist. But he had to agree with Captain: The time for a counter-attack would never be as good as right now, when the Rapacin Queen thought all of Earth was fully occupied fending off her Moozils.

A tentacle lashed out from Vlad and snatched something out of the air next to Federi’s ear. The Assassin stared wildly at the Morrigan. In Vlad’s tentacle hung a small, dusky-blue creature that looked a bit like a rat with wings.

So,” said Vlad scathingly. “Still at it, you little plague?”

Paean was right there to defend the small creature. “What’s it done wrong? It’s so cute!”

Oh, so you like rats?” asked Vlad.

I’m not a rat,” peeped the small creature, sensing sympathy from Paean. “I’m a Blue Furry Dragon. Mammalian, you know! Highly intelligent creatures, us Furry Blues.”

Anthrim’s intelligence agent,” said the Morrigan with an ironic baring of a fang. “Tell nice auntie Paean your name, you little pest!”

Mischief Maker,” said the Blue Furry.

Your soul name,” said Vlad menacingly.

Furrl,” squeaked the small animal.

Great! Furrl: You are going to stay here with us. You are not reporting back to Anthrim.”

He’ll eat me!” squealed the small creature.

If you do, I’ll eat you,” said Vlad with a nasty smile. “And I’ll make you suffer. I’ll eat you slowly, I’ll first dissolve one wing-tip, then the other…”

Mercy!” whimpered Furrl.

Then don’t blink!” ordered Vlad.

That’s cruel,” commented Paean. The Morrigan turned to her with a quizzically hyper-lifted eyebrow. It lifted right off his face.

Blinking is what they call it when they teleport,” he explained. “Federi, is there anything on the Comet with which we can restrain his wings?”

His wings?” asked the Tzigan, baffled.

Blue Furries can teleport into the seventeenth dimension,” explained Vlad. “They can go from one end of the universe to the other in a blink, using interdimensions. The function is embedded in their wings. Restrain their wings and they can’t move.”

Shawn got up from the spot on the floor he’d been occupying and found the jet-board toolbox. One could see that the jet had been in Federi’s care; the box was well stocked. He found electric insulation tape and used that to wrap around the small creature’s wings.

Now he’s not going anywhere,” said Vlad, content, handing the small creature to Shawn. “Federi, where are we going? Why are you heading to the Domnian interchange?”

© Lyz Russo, 2011


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