The trouble with writing

“This novel is a work of fiction. All characters are fictitious.  Any resemblances to persons, living or not, are purely coincidental.  This book is not suitable for you if

  • your name is any of the following:  Ivy,  Alison, Bonnie, Bex, Jake, Bryan, Marc, Janet, Mr Oates, Biljana, Fareed, Neeva or Dayib
  • you have a niece, aunt, mother, daughter, boyfriend, sister-in-law, wife or husband
  • you are in any way related to the author
  • you are sensitive about religion, politics, sex. language and violence
  • you’re younger than 16 (SLVPR)
  • …  (fill in ad lib)”

Had to happen to me that I’ve just polished and finished a beautiful Nanonovel for Iain’s site (Honeymead Books), edited, cover-designed, ISBN’ed and all, and here I get a blog follower who, herself a sweetie, carries the name of the main villainness?  AAARGH!

It’s due for launch on the 5th of December, together with Douglas Pearce’s “Pourne Identity”.

 Honeymead Books to go live on 5 December!




17 thoughts on “The trouble with writing

  1. I guess that sort of thing is inevitable given the number of people in the world and the myriad of name combinations. I doubt, though, if my name would ever get used in a book 😉

    • It helps to have a name that is not English. The chances are lower. 😉 Still one of the characters in this latest one is “Biljana” – Macedonian name. So even there you’d not be safe.

  2. Lol…. Unlike Maria, I have never Googled to find if any of my characters are “Out There”. ( Thought we did do the book title thing, did we not, and that was disconcerting enough!))

    I have yet to find anyone else called Anatolia Augurswell, or Igneous Rockfellow but I’ll bet there are plenty of Fred Johnson’s

  3. <blockquote?I have yet to find anyone else called Anatolia Augurswell, or Igneous Rockfellow but I’ll bet there are plenty of Fred Johnson’s

    I just realised that this line might seem misleading considering the preceding comment. I should rather have said no one has alerted me to characters such as…..
    Maybe I should google them? Hang on a tic….


    There are 755,000 entries for the words Igneous and Rockfellow but only one as a name. The very first Google entry for Igneous Rockfellow is from my blog!
    Now that is funny.

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