Tomorrow I play in 2 performances.

1.  The Orchester Alla Breve is performing:

  • Beethoven: 7th symphony
  • Mendelssohn: 4th Symphony 1st movement
  • Saint-Saens: “Organ” symphony, Maestoso

This is at 15h at the Musaion (University of Pretoria) for those who are interested, and the entry charge is R100 for adults, R50 for children & pensioners.

2. The Divertimento Ensemble is playing a Christmas event at a church in Pretoria.  On the menu:

  • Corelli “Fatto per la notte di natale”  (Christmas concerto, from his 12 concerti grossi)
  • Bach:  From the Christmas oratorium, 2 movements
  • Sibelius:  Andante Festivo
  • … and a whole lot of Christmas carols.

This is not an open event unfortunately so I won’t post the time & place.

We had an orchestra rehearsal last night and a LONG one this morning.  I’m quite pooped.  But:  It sounds good!

I’m in the process of uploading the website for the Divertimento Ensemble, still missing 1 detail.  We’re “for hire” for weddings, functions and birthdays.  For that totally enchanting light classical touch.

wedding music at Equestria

Deco at a place where we played for a wedding

At any rate:

Bookshop updates include (not really an update) :

The downloadable winner ebooks are still available…  for a last few days.  

CLICK THE IMAGE to get to the downloads
(I’m a bit tired of the red button).

December 20, Launch of Lupa, Forest Circle Quest and Freedom Fighter at Glenstantia Library


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