Let them see the blood!

Newspaper made to apologize for publishing bloodied corpse image



makes me so mad!

In essence:

Daily Sun was rapped over the knuckles for publishing photos of the bloodied corpse of a sangoma who had been mob-tortured to death.  The image was deemed “too graphic” and “leading to desensitization”.


He cited the example of media coverage of the 1966 assassination of Prime Minister Hendrik Verwoerd, where most newspapers published colour photographs of his bloody body on their front pages.

“The public interest was so overriding that this was deemed to be acceptable,” he said.

“However, this would not have been the case when a largely unknown person was murdered.”

One of those WTF? moments.

Why should it matter how famous a person was (or in the case of Verwoerd, how publicly hated) for the media to publicise the photos of the mutilated corpse?

If seeing the corpse of some poor victim on the front page desensitizes people (I don’t think it does!  It shocks them into seeing what is happening), how should seeing the bloodied corpse of some high-level politician not going to desensitize?  It’s still a horrific mutilated human corpse.

I say:  Let them see it!

Let the world see what our oh-so-politically sensitive “mobs” get up to!  The action of the mob is not too “sensitive” to be perpetrated.  They deserve no mercy; they deserve justice.  (Something this country is a little short on – to quote our worthy prez:  “Crime?  What crime?”)

On the contrary, well done Daily Sun!

Now please, could you bring more of the same?  Could you bring full-colour pictures on front page, of every child that is found dead in the Veld, mutilated and etc?  Could you please cover the farm murders with photoshoots, and the devastation left in hospitals after our violent strikes, and the blood and guts after hijackings?

No, I’m not bloodthirsty.  I’m sick and tired of it being covered with the political “sensitivity” veneer, “let’s pretend we are just like every civilized nation”.  I’d like to see some real blood-and-guts coverage of the slaughter in Kenya’s shopping mall.

Because if we do, maybe, just maybe, some sensitive politicians in some faraway countries will realize what it actually looks like, and be jolted into action.

Because deep down inside I suppose, even a politician is a human being… right?  I hope?  (… I mean, I’m not sure of this case at all, but call me an optimist?)




19 thoughts on “Let them see the blood!

  1. Retief’s logic (or lack thereof) casts serious doubt regarding his suitability in that position.
    The indictment on the failure of our justice system and on the mentaility of certain groups of persons within our society should indeed be put forward as forcefully as possible.

    • Thanks for agreeing. It’s this political “niceness” about violent crimes and other stuff that has led to the Western Black Rhino in West Africa having become extinct in 2006.

      No danger of humans becoming extinct. But unfortunately nice humans are in danger of extinction if the wild, criminal, insane mob is allowed off lightly.

    • I was looking at a blog post of mine at the time Zuma came into power where I speculated on what could be achieved if total war was declared on all criminal activity, with full propaganda hype. I showed how it could work … but I knew it wouldn’t happen.

  2. Totally agree with what you’ve said. You ear about the murders all the time. I think it’s good to publish the pictures, maybe people would actually catch a wake up call then

    • It will desensitize if it’s presented in TV shows & movies all the time from an early age. Yes; that is a well-documented effect.

      To take a real murder victim and fail to publish the image because it “desensitizes” (in the face of all that hollywood tomato sauce we’re so overly used to) is a bit ludicrous. This is the PC brigade in overdrive. Why don’t they campaign against every violent Hollywood show instead?

  3. what gets me is that they (politicians) determine what we should or shouldn’t know about. I actually agree that pictures like these shouldn’t be aired on such a forum however I’d like the choice

    • They were printed on the front-page of a mainstream newspaper.

      What concerns me much more is the reality of these brutalities that many people here have to live with, and they are being denied the protection that could come if there were public outrage. These pictures are kept away from the public not because the public is “sensitive” but because the politicians don’t want us to know what’s happening.

  4. Hmm. I don’t watch TV news any more, nor read Blog News either so I was unaware of the s***storm this seems to have caused.

    Let me put the kitty among the pigeons and suggest that maybe, because of the Tribal nature of the crime, those who would Watch Over our well-being (sic) are equally as interested in foreign (overseas) impressions?

    There was a time that people would not accept that Dear Winnie M was in any way connected with Necklacing and thus there was a certain amount of whitewashing involved during ”the struggle.”

    These days, now that we are all democratic and Civilised, dontcha know, what? these sort of images are bad for business.

    Just a thought.

    • Thanks for spelling it out plainly. That’s the whole point. And MSM (the mainstream media) have been called “published opinion”, in one word they are about: Censorship.

      Freedom of speech – at any rate not in the MSM.

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