On Blogging itself: Is Blogging broken?


David Risley, an iconical blogger, raises the question if blogging is broken and whether in the future, all good information will be locked behind the paywall.

The post is from 2011.  Looking back, he predicted correctly how sites will move to membership models.

A membership model is under consideration for P’kaboo and even for Honeymead books, too, but it will not follow the model of Scribd, where “membership” means the reader gets access to all paid content and the authors lose out on any royalties / profits they could have made.  This model is a definite no-no for us.

We’re also revising how we handle our FreeStuff, so please, while it’s all still the way it is, if you haven’t helped yourself to your share of free stories & winner novels,

clickmebutton to get your share.  Our free copies of winning novels are fast running out now.

I think, the Gutenberg Project is a wonderful thing and so is IMSLP;  readers and musicians have access to thousands of free reads and free sheet music that is all out of copyright.  It is slightly unethical if publishers still try to squeeze anything out of Mozart’s compositions, beyond a good layout and sturdy binding; ditto the work of Robert Louis Stevenson and Jules Verne.

But the wave of free information is coming to an end, online…

who agrees?

There is an overkill of not-so-great information, opinion, loud voices and anecdotes; whereas the real rock-solid information is getting harder to come by.

Programming, I find that the wonderful, free online school of w3Schools still helped me from scratch, but often nowadays I have to find my answers in forums, pick them out with searches.  I also think I’ll revert to Yahoo as Google has just made their keyword searches weird and wonderful, resulting in the old SEO simply not being as effective.

And as David Risley says, the free sites and the low-cost app stores get people into the frame that $4.99 is a lot to pay for something.

How much do you pay for a hamburger?  Can you take your family of 4 out for $4.99?  How much is the information (or the entertainment) worth to you?

Come and pick this apart if you like!  Let’s have a comments war!



That’s what one gets from thinking only of one side.  Here’s the other side:

  • Scientific articles are often posted by experts, for free, especially if it helps them point to their website, their expert advice site or something in that line.
  • Also, there is a lot of good information being shared (not necessarily by blogging) between people on forums.
  • Blogging can also be a tool for a blogger to establish his/her authority in a field.

These are just a few thoughts.  What say you?



5 thoughts on “On Blogging itself: Is Blogging broken?

    • I agree, in principle. What’s already happening though is that the free content that is out there, is losing quality. Sometimes one can search for quite a while and come up with nothing new on a particular topic. And also, an experience I had with the “Huffington Post” (a Canadian newsletter) : First all posts were free; then recently, more and more of their posts were for subscribers only, and so I left it – because the remaining posts started dropping in quality. I believe a place needs to start as they mean to continue. Offering free content doesn’t attract an audience of payers.

  1. Interesting. Though I am a bit flummoxed by the title?
    I think I am broken but not blogging per se.
    But then I am not at my best at this time of year. What time is it by the way?

    I love the access to info, but I don’t think it is fair it should be given away unless the author/creator agrees to it.

    However, there is a problem with info that might construe as vital to Health and Well being.
    Like reading that Days of Our Lives will soon be cancelled or the US of Eh? are planning on flying a drone at my friend Ark’s house.

    Nicking stuff that is under copyright is a definite no-no.
    How’s is a body supposed to make a living?

    “Oh, it’s okay. I just spent 2 years bashing out this novel/travel log/story of my trip down the Amazon and you want to pirate it…sorry have access to it for ”free” and gratis and distribute to all your mates and not pay me a red cent?”

    Hmmm, something doesn’t sound quite kosher with that picture.

    • Why do you feel you are broken? It’s high time to organize a braai. Let’s just wait until the schools have closed.

      Copyright is an interesting little thing. It’s as good as it is enforcible. (see next post.) The demographic is shifting. The world as a whole is becoming more dishonest; this is because of such attitudes (entitlement, “everything should come to me for free”) that confuse those who would potentially have been honest, had they been given clear rules. (I’m not speaking of the really honest here but the relatively honest. They won’t break a rule they are aware of; but if they aren’t aware of a rule, their inner ethics do not stop them from doing something unethical. SHucks, there’s a blog post in that right now!)

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