The Family Pool (7)

Final instalment

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The Family Pool:  Optional Epilogue

That’s good, my boy,” came Uncle Daniel’s voice on the phone. “Take some time out, do London. It will broaden your horizons. Might just be what your business needs. Maybe you’ll find yourself a new girl there too.”

Uncle Daniel,” said John, his voice straining. “Please.”

Sorry,” replied Uncle Daniel with a jovial chuckle. “I forgot, you’re not quite ready for that. Well, let time heal the wounds, my boy. You’re a real Adams now.”

Thanks, Uncle,” replied John.

Did you manage to get Mary’s accounts unlocked?” asked Uncle Daniel.

I’ll do that when I’m back,” said John.

Happy hunting,” called Uncle Daniel cheerfully and rang off.

Yes,” muttered John to himself as he switched off his phone. “Happy hunting indeed.” He looked up at Mr Jenkinson.

So where are you taking me, John?” asked the…

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