Pirate Monopoly

Played Monopoly with the Wild Ones tonight.  I was invited very formally, and they were very excited that this was the second night in a row I had time to play a long game with them (shucks if I don’t do it often, their childhood will be over and then what?).

We played Monopoly.

Mainly because yesterday during “Siedler” I mentioned that Monopoly was the game in which Robert Kiyosaki learnt to be rich.

Usually Ray wins, most strategy and money games.  Monopoly has a chance component, and tonight that chance just turned against him, no matter what he did.  Meggi in the interim built up some impressive hotels.

I was bankrupt before anyone else.  So both my children’s soft hearts bled, they didn’t want to stop playing, they tried giving me “advantages”, buying me houses etc; and the next thing, (while Meggi was clearly the winner, turning into a millionaire) Ray played bankrupt.  So Meggi tried to gift him assets, while I tried to show him that even within the rules of the game he was far from done.

I went to check on something and came back, and it had happened:

Bank Heist!  The bank was looted, the money equally distributed to the players, and Ray had taken over the function of “the bank” with his personal “finances”.

Monopoly is so much more fun if you allow bank heists!   Who wants to play to the rules?  In real life, the banks certainly don’t.  😀

Oh, and:





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