The Family Pool (2)

Second chapter: The Family Pool.

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Mary Adams peered over her glass of orange juice at the gathered clan. Which was the best word she could think of to describe them. There were a lot of Adams’; she had been introduced until her head spun and now she couldn’t remember a single name.

A Christmas buffet was spread out on the white wrought-iron garden tables that graced the spacious verandah. Finest gammon-and-cranberry-sauce, thinly sliced turkey and tongue was presented in Wedgwood bone china, which Mary’s mother-in-law, Eleanor, was quick to give her a guided tour on. She had also jumped ahead with guiding Mary through the mansion – at least the parts that were open to guests – so that the poor girl wouldn’t get lost!

The house was nothing short of mindboggling. Rooms with a purpose dwelt without disputes next to rooms that were merely there to…

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