Swimming Pool Issues

Three years back when my mother had to go through dealing with estate issues (after my grandfather passed away), there were a number of tenants living in the house he had owned.

She had the odious task of drawing up rental agreements for new tenants after having to evict some previous tenants who, it turned out, were months upon months in arrears with their rent and not intending to pay either.  It was a tough time.

The place had a pool, which was used by my grandfather and his students (he taught opera), and his dogs.  Most of his dogs (beautiful golden Retrievers, black Labradors, a Corgi, a Special) loved swimming.  The tenants, however, had no permission to the use of the pool.  This stands to reason as quite a few of them had toddlers.  It was a risk my grandfather was not prepared to carry, so the agreements always excluded use of the pool.  There was no telling whether tenants were using the pool after he was gone, though.  It’s highly likely.  By the time some of the non-paying tenants had been moved out, the pool was trying to get my mother’s attention.

In her lease agreement she formulated,

“…excludes use of the swimming poo.”

On re-reading, she picked this up and quickly corrected it, pondering on the significance to the actual state of the pool.  Then she printed the agreement and proof-read it another time.  It now read:

“… excludes use of the swimming poop.”

This was the point at which she decided to drive through and see to rights there.



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