Some randomness

  • Pottered around updating the Bookshop and Home Page this week
  • Today was pretty much drive-drive-drive, started with 3 students (there’s a deflated atmosphere going around at the moment, is it exams?  Time of year?  My deodorant?)
  • Then after gathering all the kids together at my mom, I took Megs and my nephew A to the Nature Reserve where the Cubs were planting trees.
  • We got lost on the way (“but I’m a Supergirl..”)
  • … and arrived an hour late.  The man who was selling trees, was nowhere to be found; one hole remained unplanted (I had asked if I could bring my own trees and had been told, no – so we ended up planting no trees…)
  • No sooner did we arrive than the others wanted to leave (is it my deo?)
  • We took a game drive (with my car’s brakes rattling something terrible, I really have to have them looked at)  and spotted 2 Zebras and 2 Giraffes up close
  • and went home through the rush-hour traffic
  • arriving back at Mom at 18h.
  • That wasn’t the end of my children’s activities
  • Robin had a party and Ray, Scouts
  • Luckily Hubbs could take them
  • Then I realized I forgot my instruments at my mom
  • tomorrow morning I’m teaching so I’ll have to swing by her place first…
  • extra fuel

Idk I’m tired.  Wish I could sleep the whole weekend, but hey – that’s not going to happen.

But I can make a start, now.

Punt-punt:  Have a look at our cool 6-word story game going on the P’kaboo Book Club (Facebook, alert!).

“6-word story game. The way it works: Everyone who wants to play, adds to the story with a comment, but only six words. You can play as often as you like but after you commented 6 words someone else first has to comment before you can comment again. All ready?

Here’s the thread:

As I came out of the”

Oh, and:

(Too cuttingly cute not to share!!)


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