The Benefits of Music

Everyone should read this… it’s amazing how far those benefits reach!

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Today I’d like to share with you, rather than a story, an article on why it is good for children (and adults!) to learn music.  The article was written and researched by Iain Rossouw, South African music teacher and songwriter.

Here it is, blogged with his permission:


The Benefits of Music – A Review

[ Compiled by Iain Rossouw – Guitar Tutor- (+27) 082 2907 419 ]

As parents, what is our duty toward our children? Surely it is to prepare them in the best possible way we can find for being the most successful they can be in adult life. We all know that where you are at any point in life is determined by what you have done and thought in your life.

As parent it is paramount that we give our children all the development opportunities we can to ensure that they achieve their…

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7 thoughts on “The Benefits of Music

    • Yes – the man absolutely staggered me. This is the thing about him. Doesn’t write much, but when he does, he really shines. I’ll be posting this on Ezine Articles too – it’s too important not to be out there.

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