Rediscovering an amazing friend

Steve (Sid Sledge, the artist) and I met at university.  We were on the same course (in the same courses, or on the same path) of discovering the secrets of the universe, back then via science.

If you’ve watched “A Cinderella Story”, and if I had been “diner girl”, Sid would have been “Zoro”.  The best friend who would do anything for diner girl, including making sure that she got the “prince” she was after.

Somehow, after university we lost touch.  How do these things happen?

I was delighted to discover him on Facebook the other day.  Seems as though our paths still run in parallels:  He too had to break out of the constrictions of the scientific/academic professional framework and make art his full-time occupation.  The signs were there, even back then.

Have a look at his site.    His art is something to explore, mull about; his paintings express stories, experiences and insights.  To understand Sid Sledge better, have a look at this interview.

Sid, glad to have you back!  🙂


4 thoughts on “Rediscovering an amazing friend

    • 😉 Hey Steve. I’ve lost too many friends who simply disappeared out of my life because I neglect them… is my karmic pattern… and you really are a very special friend. I remember all those pracs and coffees, those were weird and wonderful days.

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