About Smokers, Freedom and Home Distillation

In 1998, South Africa threatened to pass a law that would forbid smokers – listen up:  to smoke in their own homes.

Now.  I have house rules that forbid people to smoke inside my house – I’m a non-smoker and have an asthmatic kid.  But I deeply resent any government or other self-proclaimed ruling body reaching with their long arm (and long fingers) into my home and making rules for me and mine.

Here’s the laugh:  They want to outlaw smoking but not the sale of cigarettes?  They want their butter toasted on both sides?  What on Earth would anyone want to buy cigarettes for, if not to smoke them?  The whole tobacco trade and industry exists because there are end users rolling those leaves up and setting flame to them.  In other words, similar to the KFC chicken farms, tobacco is grown so that eventually it will go up in flames.

How much Amazonian rain forest gets cut down so that tobacco plantations can be established?  How many companies and traders enrich themselves so that some poor sod at the other end can be addicted to the rubbish?  The smokers themselves are the victims of this whole lot.

To target them first and the drivers of the whole scheme last – or not at all – it’s just not right.

But the smoking industry was dumb.

They should put Monsanto in charge of their PR.

Within two quick research studies Monsanto would establish that 1) smoking is good for your health and 2) should in fact be made mandatory.  And the governments would hop to it to write smoking into law.



(This looks like a random ad by WordPress but it is not.  It’s a link posted by me.  Follow the link, you’ll get the rest of my drift.)


Guess it’s a fine balance between personal freedom (which comes with responsibilities) and government control of the populace (“sheeple”).

Let’s presume 90% of humankind is really stupid and immature and cannot be trusted to make responsible decisions.  (See link above.  Or growing weed in your back garden – or organic tomatoes.)

So the 10% that is intelligent and mature and responsible will just have to suck it up and be government-patronized along with the 90%.  And the government knows best and makes wise decisions.

This is a government you can pick yourself – the definition of democracy.  (Of course they all agree on the major matters, such as legalizing abortion and unanimously not making the sale of fuel-driven transport illegal for the good of Earth.  Honestly – those emissions are as toxic as cigarette smoke.)

The government is not some ruling elite – that would be a return to the Pharaoh system of yonx.  They are just people, just like you.

Wouldn’t that mean that by 90% probability they would be “sheeple” themselves, too stupid to make their own decisions and in need of governance?  

Oh – they are not?  They are intelligent?  So what is the 10% elite doing ruling the 90% majority??

Oh – the first premise is wrong and 90% of people are in fact not too dumb to make good decisions?  Well then, why do we need such patronizing governments and such invasive laws??

What are you smoking?




19 thoughts on “About Smokers, Freedom and Home Distillation

  1. The problem with this is you are smudging the lines regarding tobacco.

    Would you feel the same regarding Heroine or Cocaine?
    I doubt it. Yet tobacco is still a highly addictive drug and so I have hears, more difficult to give up than heroin.
    Furthermore, banning smoking protects kids and others.
    You don’t allow smoking indoors because of your child being asthmatic. Damn straight!
    But what about smokers who declare FTS and puff away, asthma or not? What protection has any child got against such a truculent adult?

    The smoke/ don’t smoke argument has gone on for ever and because it is a passive killer and not mind altering it has gotten away with murder, irrespective of the financial / tax implications.

    Banning smokes outright would be almost an impossibility – I say almost as it’s not been tried as far as I am aware – so the chipping away at the stone philosophy has to be seen in a positive light, rather than negative and the government for all its chuff ups should be applauded for ever move it makes against cigarettes.
    Eventually we may have a generation of non smokers and they will look back and might well thank this government for what they did/tried to do.

    • Ark – all points taken. In fact that truculent adult is someone they get to visit a lot, and she does smoke in her house.

      Also, well done with kicking the habit in the butt! That is an immense achievement. Yes I’ll believe the more addictive than heroin. Definitely.

      I just feel that government is being hypocritical. With cocaine, heroin, dagga they have laws that forbid the trade. Why not with tobacco? Make it an unlawful substance? And then offer proper programs to help smokers quit. But as long as the stuff is a legal substance, its abuse will not stop, no matter how much the end user is being pressurized.

      I had hoped for a more sensible generation, as our generation was already more “sensible” than our parents’. But apparently the rubbish holds the same appeal as then. Kids start in high school, out of rebellion, believing it to be a “safe” way of showing their parents that they can’t control them.


    • Remember once upon a time Opium was legal. And there were even wars to control the trade.

      Maybe if they had smoked the Potato and eaten the baccy things would have been different? 😉

      I understand about being pissed because of government interference, yet it is a catch 22.

      It is the best of a bad situation.

      My son sampled tobacco for a short while but never got seriously hooked and kicked it after about 6 months.

      I,as you know, was not so lucky.
      Tobacco may have a stigma attached to it, but it is still relatively mild and, unlike heroin, or Cocaine, it still has a form of social acceptance.

      We have gotten used to not smoking in public places, stadia, shops restaurants etc and on the beginning there was vehement opposition.

      Give it time. It will fade.

    • You know, you are right. And also about my a wee bit too renegade post… I’m not pro tobacco or pro smoking at all as you know, just majorly irritated that it’s always the actual smokers who catch the brunt whereas the traders get off lightly.

      Well done to your son. My brother also had a momentary date with tobacco (in his case, the occasional cigar with a peer in order to celebrate something) but he was very quickly bullied out of that mode by his wife – another chain smoker who stopped.

      You guys have my greatest admiration. I don’t know how you do it, as you know I’m living with a long-time smoker and I desperately wish I could make quitting easy for him, so far nothing yet has worked. I know he is at times heartily sick of the habit and that cough doesn’t sound encouraging.

      Playing Devil’s Advocate one has to get the balance right, which I didn’t manage in this post. It’s definitely a good idea that the long arm of the government reaches into people’s homes to outlaw drugs of all sorts, and you’re right – tobacco is a drug. I’m not pulling this post anyway because I feel your comments are immensely valid.

      It’s definitely easier to rip off the CO2 levels – did you know that by now, more CO2 actually is harmful for plants because they grow so lushly that pests find them more attractive? Couldn’t believe it when I read that, but I guess it’s part of that whole cluster. Time will tell with that whole global debate. I’m placing my bets on Planet Earth in any case, Ma Nature is a pretty resilient old girl and I’m sure the guys in Washington are also betting on her, or they would long ago have made moves to change the insane transport situation the whole world seems to be stuck in.

      Btw did you know, we’re at 450ppm of CO2 in the atmosphere.

      78% Nitrogen.
      21% Oxygen (ideally, in places it’s lower than that, replaced by smog… literally, particles, oil droplets and other rubbish.)
      1% Noble Gases, Xenon, Argon etc.
      450 ppm CO2.

      78% + 21% + 1 % = 100%.
      450 ppm = 0.045%. Of CO2. In the atmosphere.

    • I have no comment regarding co 2 etc.
      I don’t know enough to make judgment. It’s all gobbledyGook. And please do NOT try to enlighten me, I’ll have nightmares I’m sure.

      I do my bit…

      As for the smoking husband story…Or should that be husband smoking?
      As I said before.. cannot help you. It is generally an individual thing,.
      Did you tell him I quit?
      Be two years this december, Shine a light! Where has the time gone.
      Two smokeless years and I don’t cough, don’t smell, don’t have shortness of breath, don’t crave.
      I can even “”hang with the guys” around a braai while they are smoking and I can even drink beer without wanting a smoke. And THAT was a big test.
      I should have done it twenty years ago.
      But I was addicted and what does an addict know from Jack es aitch one T?
      Romana’s hubby has just chucked his fags away and bought himself one of those electronic cigarettes. He is coping very well and he says he has almost no withdrawal symptoms either.
      He is quite chuffed with himself!
      You could suggest this to your Hubs?

  2. There must be a case to be made against government for keeping tobacco as a legal industry and trade and then to be so punitive to smokers.it is simply a source of revenue.

    • I wish people would… 😉 Hereabouts people rant and rave but when it comes election time they all make the same dumb little x in the same dumb little box…

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