“I’m alive!”

The violin exams are over!  I don’t know why I do this kind of stress to myself and my students every year.  As previously mentioned, I’m going to have a precondition in future:  They have to have worked through a book of studies of my prescription before being allowed to enter for a specific exam.  Because I notice it every year.  They need a much more solid, reliable technical flooring.  Exams cook one’s brain, they take a student who can play quite well and turn him into a quivering mess.

They played bravely though; and one thing that I’m quite proud of is their sound production and projection, which is great (as compared to other students I hear that play rather timidly).

My own two “wild thangs”:  Meggi’s turn to go in;  Ray:  “Bye-bye, Meggi… I’ll put violets on your grave…”

Grrr!!!  Kids!!!

2 thoughts on ““I’m alive!”

    • Lots of fingers in plaster today ;).
      Meggi actually loved it. She is such a natural performer. Who’d have thought! For Ray it was an ordeal; for my other 2 students it was stressy but one handled it better than the other. Both were brave.

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