Again past midnight!

It was my father’s birthday today (I should say yesterday – before midnight) – his and Andre Rieux’s.

(That’s Andre Rieux, not my dad who’s a bit camera-shy.)

Today (past midnight) it’s my sister’s.  But I’m not going to call her right now; she’s that rare specimen, the Early Bird or Morning Person, up and chirpy at 5am, but as a revenge it’s lights out at 20h.

I’ve added a link to the Round 2 page of the contest, looks like this:

… for those who wish to download and review, or simply download (no strings attached).

And the violin exams – well preps are going alrightish, not as great as last year but then again Trinity moved the date closer by just about a month.  Grr.  Next year I’ll be taking a break from violin exams – or maybe I won’t have a choice.  Whatever.  It’s a nasty system, it’s set to destroy children’s passion for music.

Rolled up the livingroom carpet, stashed it upstairs and the kids and I skidded all over the floor polishing it with old-fashioned floor wax.  It’s a flagstone floor, looks fabulous now.  And as one walks on it barefoot, it squeaks now.  And tonight my arty Robin asked about html, so I got her started on it.  We had a lot of fun making fonts go green and red, she took to it like a fish to water; and then she tells me, “this is what the guys are doing in IT”.  Me:  “Really?  In IT?  I thought IT was the difficult subject and Computer Lit the easy one!”  She says:  “No – they are programming html in IT.  That’s what they are doing.”

Of course, learning it in self-study from the Mom college is not the same as learning “web design” in IT.  I’m quite sure they start off making diagrams of what they need a website to do, all the features, the structure… not simply, “hello world”.  But she took to it like a fish to water, I’m not concerned.

Tired now.


6 thoughts on “Again past midnight!

  1. Happy birthday to those who coincide with Rieux-the-day!
    Hm, with html I prefer a computer programme that converts my computer programme into html, to a computer programme that needs to be written in html to give a computer programme.

  2. Hope your dad and your sister have really happy birthdays. I have so many unread books at the moment, and just don’t find time to get into them, so I won’t take you up on the free download, but it’s a great idea. 🙂

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