Share Contest Round 2


With the 1st of October, Round 1 of the Facebook Share contest has closed and Round 2 opened.

Now there are 4 books available for a limited number of free downloads:


Lupa by Marie MArshall

The Mystery of the Solar Wind

The Mystery of the Solar Wind by Lyz Russo

Almost Dead in Suburbia

Almost Dead in Suburbia by Douglas Pearce


Tabika by Leslie Hyla Winton Noble


In the second round, you can win a P’kaboo paperback (any one of your choice) by submitting a review of a book from the 4 that you have read.  The paperback doesn’t have to be the same as the book you reviewed or even downloaded.  Write a good review or bad – the 3 winners are determined by lucky draw.  Certain standards will be applied though – reviews must not be shorter than a paragraph to qualify, and pls no sms lngage.


11 thoughts on “Share Contest Round 2

    • Lucky authors definitely get to read them (I’ll post them on the website on the book’s “Reviews” spot). I have a “write a review” link on the homepage, must still add a link on every book feature page. I’m also going to add the download button on the book feature pages now, will try to complete by tonight.

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  3. Reblogged this on Colonialist's Blog and commented:
    Yipee – one of my novels has come through into the Share Contest. That means it is available for a limited number of free e-book downloads with no strings attached. There is, however, an invitation to write a review once it has been read, and one reviewer will receive a free autographed hard copy of it, or another novel of choice from the available list.
    To get the e-book, click on the cover illustration and on the red ‘Limited Free Download’ button on the right in the publishers’ page.

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