A gig and a contest

Last night we played a corporate gig…

You’d think, corporate functions = posh, expensive venues, wedding-like decor, and most of all the classical-style music we’ve come to expect of real high-class movie villains (Schubert’s Trout Quintet).  But no – not at all!  This company is a supplier firm who supplies other companies – business-to-business, in other words.  They picked “Zoltan & Kalinka” for our uniqueness – gypsy and tango, acoustic, unplugged, one guitar and one violin.  Because they wanted ambience but not something that would take the buyers’ focus away from the actual products on display.  And they got it!  🙂  It’s always wonderful if an audience likes one.

The food was excellent; the decor – unique, that’s all I can say.  The venue selected was a military museum.  Old war planes and battle tanks.  It’s fascinating how small these things were…  and young men got stuck into those with the orders to go and destroy the enemy!  Sounds risky to this calico cat.  Bummer we missed out on the ice cream.

I’ve played many weddings and birthdays in the interim but the last corporate function I played at, I was literally on my own, one sole violinist doing the gypsy stunt.  That was even before the days of Gypsy Jam and being dubbed “kalinka” by the others.  (We all had band names.  “Sirba”, “Zoltan”, “Vlad” (LOL!), “Doina”.  I miss them!)  That time, it was a hospital that was having a year-end function, and all they wanted was one hour of violin as background.  I think the year was 2002.  I was still sensitive about my “evil” genetics background.

Well the upshot of all this is:  I’m (sort-of) back.  The enormous amount of stress of 5 different events happening on 4 different days is all gone.  Now all that is left is to pick up the pieces and prepare my kids (own and students) for their violin exams, and retake P’kaboo where we left off.

On that note:

The following books of 7 have made it into 2nd round (“The Zone”) by now:

Lupa” by Marie Marshall

The Mystery of the Solar Wind” by Lyz Russo

The following need a good boost to catapult them into the “Zone” before 1st October:

Almost Dead in Suburbia” by Douglas Pearce

Tabika” by Leslie Hyla Winton Noble

Baa Baa Black Belt” by Leslie Hyla Winton Noble

The following are unlikely to make it into the Zone:

The Assassin” by Lyz Russo

Mercury Silver” by 8 different authors, a compilation of short stories

.. strange, that.  Short stories take less effort to read, I’d have expected people would like to boost Mercury Silver into the Free Download Zone, already because you’re hedging your bets.  8 different authors?  There’s bound to be someone whose style you like!

Anyway, arrivederci as they say…


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