Story challenge

He opened the door quietly, scared that they might hear him.  But he realised that he need not have worried:  Maria was so busy being kissed by Andalo, they would have missed a herd of elephants stampeding.  His bile rose as he saw that good-for-nothing snogging so shamelessly with her.  And he picked up the half-empty beer glass from the table and dropped it quite deliberately to the floor, unable to suppress a grin as the two scrambled to fasten buttons.

Here’s the challenge:

Finish – or start – this story so that it makes sense.  😉

13 thoughts on “Story challenge

  1. But his skewed sense of triumph was short-lived. As Maria looked up from buttoning her blouse the look of apoplectic horror that had first flashed across her face at being discovered in such a brazen embrace with Rick’s former flatmate slowly turned to a look of triumph and she was unable to suppress a grin of her own.
    Her gaze was now firmly fixed on the shattered remains of the glass strewn across the tiled floor amidst the ever widening pool of beer.
    Rick’s grin wavered and the malevolent look he had sported upon discovering Maria and Andalo now became one of confusion and then shock as he followed Maria;s gaze to the floor.
    “Oh dear, Rick,” she said sweetly. ”Wasn’t that one of the pair of rather rare and expensive Russian crystal glasses from the Tsar Nicholas collection you bought last month at Christie’s?”
    It was indeed. So consumed by jealousy he hadn’t even noticed. Rick’s half million dollar investment had just been smashed by fifty percent.
    His mouth opened and closed like a drowning fish.
    “Well, Rick I’ll bet you’re now feeling a much bigger tit than Andalo was just before you snuck into the house,” said Maria and she threw back head and laughed then began to slowly undo the buttons of her blouse once again.
    ”Come,Andalo,” she said. “I think Rick now has other things on his mind.” Taking Andalo by the hand she led him unresisting to the bedroom and slammed the door behind her.
    Le Fin

  2. ‘You got that, Ron?’ he asked he man at his elbow who was holding the camera.
    Ron nodded.
    ‘Well, Marie Biscuit, looks like you are being turned into pudding. Of course, last night’s pictures showed far more. Tell you what, if you don’t contest the divorce I’ll let you keep the house. Always hated it, anyway.’
    ‘Fine by me,’ Maria said, her confusion turning to a look of avarice. ‘You really mean it, Greg?’
    ‘We can go and sign the papers now, if you like. I’ve had them prepared.’ She nodded, wordlessly, and Andalo looked elated.
    Not nearly as elated as Greg felt, though. Goodbye Maria, goodbye a house riddled with borer and structurally unsound, goodbye to a job he didn’t enjoy doing.
    Hello to the good life.
    It had been when he had stopped on impulse to buy the ticket that was now confirmed as the only winner in the record Lotto carry-over that he had first seen them together …

  3. Can I post mine too?? Can I, can I? (jumps up and down) …I can? Thankyou!!

    Maria looked up in shock, scrambling to fasten her buttons while Andalo tried to escape. But Salvadore grabbed the youngster by the scruff of his neck.

    “Papa!” Maria shrieked. “Don’t, Papa. You’ll kill him!”
    “I’ll kill him,” agreed Salvadore viciously. “No sooner you’re seventeen and you allow these filthy young brutes to touch you, Maria?”
    “But Papa,” begged the girl, “I love him!”
    “Love, hah,” snorted Salvadore, giving the terrified Andalo a hearty shake. “He has defiled you! He shall marry you! Tomorrow I talk to the priest!”

    At this, Andalo struggled harder to get away, and managed to break free of Salvadore’s grip. He lunged for the door and legged it down the road, off into the dusty heat of the Mexican streets.

    Salvadore gazed after him, laughing loudly; then he glared at his daughter.

    “You had a lucky escape, Maria. Next time, it’s the shotgun for him.”
    “But Papa,” objected Maria, “why do you hate him so much?”
    “Go to your room!” snapped the irate father. Maria removed herself swiftly.

    Salvadore nodded contentedly. He’d start preparing things. He only had to intimidate the lad once or twice more to ensure that his daughter would be marrying into one of the wealthiest families in Mexico.

    In conclusion, all was going according to plan.

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