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We are currently working on 2 (alright, actually closer to 8, but…) books.

“Everywhen Angels” by Marie Marshall is told through the eyes of 3 different teenagers in a school somewhere in England, as they take on the function of angels.  They discover along with a small band of others that they have supernatural abilities which they are obliged to keep secret, however.  How they put these abilities to use, for good or bad, that is the matter of the story.  This book challenges its reader to face deep, existential questions; about life, the nature of the universe, the “ending times” and what they mean (from several different perspectives); what is good and what is bad, or is there, and if so, by which right or logic do we interfere in what happens to others.

The story left me feeling somewhat rattled and as though my cupboard of philosophies has received a good airing and spring-cleaning, and I now need to put things back and decide what to keep.  It is an excellent book; one of those “clingy” ones that stays with you for days after because you have to think about it.

The other book is by Douglas Pearce.  “The Pourne Identity”, originally a skit on the movie with almost the same name.  I read a few of the chapters when he started blogging them, and asked him to send me the manuscript as I had read a preview on the book years back.  The first few chapters read intriguing, even haunting.  Of course laced at unexpected moments with the spritz of classic Douglas-humour that we’ve come to expect from him.

{!–  I need to mention at this point that when I gave my presentation at the library on Wednesday (still waiting for the pictures), I read the blurb – just the blurb, and one scene from Douglas’ novel “Almost Dead in Suburbia” to the audience and had to pause for the giggling to die down, after nearly every phrase.  –}

As we were already editing “Everywhen Angels”, I asked hubbs to proof-read “The Pourne Identity” so long.  This proved very distracting to my editing as every so often he explodes in laughter.  When I ask him what is so funny, he tells me, “nah… you’ve got to read this book.”

I have some other projects in the burner and will probably have to put in a bulk order for cover designs with my favourite designer.

~ signing off ~


12 thoughts on “Updates

  1. This Douglas dude, it wouldn’t be my coffee maker by chance? Wouldn’t Be surprised as he is a sneaky git sometimes, sitting on his side of the office quietly muttering to himself.

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    Picked this up from my coffee maker who said I should blog it.
    So if you know teemnagers give them a head’s up and send ’em, over to P’kaboo.
    Publishing contracts are not easy to obtain, so if your brat is huddled in the corner scribbling away, drag him/her by the scruff of the neck, point out this post with an: “Oi, look at this.” and tell ’em to get cracking.

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