The Immy Series

One of our authors, Leslie Hyla Winton Noble, completed this beautiful series for children:

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These DVDs contain the story of Immy, a little girl who encounters a dragon.

(Pls excuse the graininess in some of the photos, especially “Immy goes Flying” – it’s the angle of the light.  Will have to retake the pics at some point.)


The stories have musical backings, with Peter-and-the-Wolf style themes for the characters.  The themes adjust to the mood of the character and the story.


You can play the DVD and watch the slides with images and text, to read to your children or allow them to read themselves; or you can select the voice-over option, in which the author reads the story to the listener, timed with the slides (and with early readers being able to follow the sentences on the screen).  The DVD insert is actually a booklet containing the complete story, just the right size for small hands as they page and listen to the author’s voice (or read the stories themselves).

Learning benefits:

This is a very versatile, multimedia children’s book, which by not being an ordinary video stimulates the imagination of preschoolers.  The themed music teaches them to recognize different instruments and musical themes, even when they come overlaid or modulated.   And for the parents:  The stories are especially cute, Immy is a sassy youngster with a lot of sparkle and character.

Easy to read, large print; endearing characters with which children can associate.  The multimedia combination encourages young children to read.

For those who like moralinic acid as an essential supplement to childhood literature:  There are hidden life lessons in each of the stories.  Immy learns something every time, and sometimes, so does the dragon.

Author, illustrator:

The enchanting illustrations are done by Amanda Fieldgate.

Story and music are by Leslie Hyla Winton Noble.

Leslie & Amanda: You’ve (to put this in English) supplied us with a fresh consignment of pride.  Well done!

12 thoughts on “The Immy Series

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    For all the children. Young or Old.

    This set of childrens’ books are a smashing idea.
    Go and check them out.
    And remember the art I have been featuring from Amanda Fieldgate, Footy2?
    Well she is the illustrator.

    • I already did and it went haywire – showed a picture of Jesus with kiddies, I kid you not !
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      I could find the pic again I know it.

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