Literacy Celebration

This is a little preview post, as I haven’t yet downloaded the photos.  (Wow, remember 20 years back:  it would have been, “developed” the photos.  But there were no blogs then either.)

Did a presentation at the Glenstantia Library today.

First, a young author spoke about his very first novel.  It looks like a very interesting book, well-written.  I managed to secure a signed copy.  (Somehow, that’s so special, even if I know the mechanics from the inside!)

He (Sabelo Mgidi) has such similar modus operandi to me, it’s amazing.  I had to smile about the 3-month writing rhythm, the “discipline” of writing until 3 or 4 am nightly; the way he sources inspiration from everything and anything.  Too young to ever encounter “writer’s block”, but also, his solid routine of sitting down and writing prevents writer’s block by preventing the flow ever to become stopped up.

I spoke after he was done.  His presentation was good, articulate and warm.  A tough act to follow.

There were too many topics on my list… performer’s rule, one is never allowed to analyse a performance on the night.  But I do believe it went alright.  I was prepared to be addressing 20 or 30 highschool students; instead, I was addressing the Library User Group, the Librarian, and the author.  (And of course the author’s audience.)

This caused me to take a swift turnaround in my strategy.

Addressing teenagers, I would have focused on the contests; instead, I focused on the books, and more specifically (because the librarian had asked me to) the details of publishing.  It was a tiny insider group; they are avid readers, writers and, I do believe, one other publisher.   I’m afraid I told that particular person nothing he didn’t already know.  But I answered some pressing questions to the User Group, and may in fact have gained an author by that.

The library has an e-book lending system now that I want to investigate.  It’s centrally driven by the provincial library service.

Pics and so on tomorrow or on Friday (depending on my blogging time).



11 thoughts on “Literacy Celebration

  1. Have any of P’kaboo books been donated to this/the library?

    Oh, and if the Red Ant prefers the header with ‘the wave’ why isn’t there a wave?

    Dashboad/settings/general. …just in case..;)

    Nite nite

    • 🙂 Yes – on the contrary, the library bought copies of all our books in December during the last launch.

      LOL the old ant… it’s got some weird little opinions. At this point I quite like the way it’s progressing through the lines.

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