Worrying news

Get your copy while they’re fresh!

P’kaboo is in negotiations with a fulfilment agency that will hopefully ensure us much wider distribution than we have currently, for our ebooks.  (Paper books will follow this path eventually; as you know we are in digital runs still, which make this difficult.)

This is itself great news, if everything goes well; but it also means that our ebook prices will increase sharply, to adjust to the South African market.

So get yours now, while they are still retailing for $2.99 (R30) on P’kaboo’s website!

Click here to browse our shop for those well-priced ebooks.

On another front, I’ll be posting what is happening at Glenstantia Library in a little while.


2 thoughts on “Worrying news

  1. I’m trying to work out why you headlined this ‘Worrying news’ (presumably the price rise) instead of a headline that focused on the wider distribution. Basically it’s good news but with a price to pay, no?

    • 🙂 It’s a media ploy. People are more likely to pounce on something that looks like bad news and read it, than reading promo.

      And yes it is worrying; what worries me is the standard pricing on South African ebooks that is completely out of touch with reality. Ours will still be priced at less than half the “standard” which would compare to the retail price of a well-sized paperback.

      The wider distro is a very good development, but people who worry about price will need to jump to get their copies now before this happens!

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