Sunday sweet sunday

Haven’t done this in a while:


Sometimes I think photographers see more of the world than we ordinary people do.

It’s Sunday and I’m stuck to the screen (as predicted, that Facebook page works like a whirlpool – once in Facebook, it’s hard to struggle free of the current, swim to the side and with last efforts, heave oneself out of the water again – and evade all the tentacles that try to suck one back in!).  Outside, sun and a bit of wind; in here, square eyes and kids playing computer games.

I have updated most the book pages so that one can retweet; the “sharethis” block of buttons allows each birdie to tweet only once. That’s counter-productive as Twitter is an ongoing stream and repetition works.  Please note that tweets are not counted into the shares; specifically because people can retweet.  It’s easy to hit that “tweet” button 50 times – but it also mostly defeats the purpose.   To retweet once or twice means you have a bigger chance of being seen.  Retweeting 50 times to an audience of 30 may just be flogging a dead horse…

I have not yet updated the pages of books not part of the contest, because updating takes time and there’s too much to do to attend to all these little loose ends.

A Goodreads widget has been added to the Facebook page – unfortunately only links to my own Goodreads profile, I don’t know how to make this broader.  Still, 5 of the books are on that profile by now.

Note to the authors who have books in the contest:  It is a good idea to promote.  😉  Cross-promoting is also quite legal and doesn’t slant the contest but instead reaches a wider audience.

Here is a bit of code to stick into your sidebar for a widget underneath the image of your book:

Apologies:  It’s an image of a bit of code.  You’ll have to copy the lettering manually; the blog editing engine warps the “a href” with the “<” sign if I put it in as text.


Holy macro, I’m an idiot today!  Took me 5 or 6 tries to get the correct code into that png!

I would love to design a “widget” for people to click on that promotes a book with one click to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, posts it on one’s blog, writes a Goodreads review, designs an ad campaign, and …  man to have a little engine like that would be cool!

… but I’m going to have a Sunday now.  Cheerio…


13 thoughts on “Sunday sweet sunday

  1. I was struck by a thought..Why would someone ‘Like’ the book if they haven’t read it?
    And if they have read it why would they want an ebook?
    Or am I missing something?

    • No. It’s not about “liking”. In fact, Marie asked the same question. It’s about sharing the book. People can read the preview (10 pages) and share the page if they think they want the book to become available for free download.

      It’s about sharing the information that there is a great book out and that people can get it to move into a “free download” zone if enough people spread the news. Those who really read the book and like it, can review it and stand to win a paperback copy of any of P’kaboo’s books.

      Makes sense?

    • Well it might be easy for you– it took me three goes until I saw the little share/facebook icon in the top right hand corner where I was supposed to click.
      I was about to email you and ask where the bloody thing was and then,,,, a lightbulb moment. “Ah…so there it is”.

      Can’t you put a big sort of CLICK ME link on the top of every page on your blog like a special sign you find on washing powder boxes?
      I’m thinking this because I can’t be the only IT dingbat.
      God…maybe I am?
      How’s the share thing going so far?

    • LOL Ark. It just took me 5 or 6 tries of putting the correct code (just a single line) onto a small image to paste into this blog post, so who’s the dingbat?

      The CLICK ME thing is a good idea, let me mull about it. One could of course float the “like” div over the book covers themselves so you see the cover and the FB button sort-of smacks one inna da face… but it wouldn’t be very pretty now.

      But heck – so isn’t the Coca-cola website, and see how they sell!

    • I notice that the link in this blog gives a fault. This is because it grabs too much of the text (it wasn’t supposed to auto-link!). The code is correct though; if you take the code, paste it as is into Notepad or Mousepad (to lose any hidden attachments in the text), and then from there into your sidebar, it ought to work.

      I’m going to see if I can’t edit the blog post to remove the “dirty” link directive. Sorry ’bout that.

    • I’ve tried to fix it. The trouble is, fixing it in the html only shows the text, not the code. So I’ve put an image of what you need to use… sorry.

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