P’kaboo Facebook Page

It’s finally up.  I was scared for years of putting a page up for P’kaboo because… I know Facebook.  It’s like a spiderweb.  Once you’re in there, getting out is not so easy.  And who wants to look at a dead abandoned page?

Now, for the Facebook Share Contest in which we all are hoping to get 50 shares on each of the 7 chosen novels, of course I had to put the page up.  Here it is:


And many many thanks to Marie, from Kvenna Rad, for putting content up there.  She’s been busy as a bee, doing everything from updating the header pic and avatar to keeping the flow of ideas happening.  And Paul from Bookseeker Agency, our partner in UK, created the collage of titles that is now the page header.  (Image above)

We did already have the P’kaboo Book Club going, for quite a while.  That was once I had enough titles; before which there was (and is still) the Solar Wind fan club group.  I like groups better as people can interact better (and they do).

Well, those of you who enjoy Facebook, come and play!  🙂  There are books to be discussed in the Book Club, and very cute posts on the Page.


6 thoughts on “P’kaboo Facebook Page

  1. Fantastic! Although I would think it better to list Douglas’s blog as a link a, which is ALL writing and remove the link to his Nemesis, The Ark a sir bleef? Some may not appreciate all the content, know what mean?
    Otherwise…looking good.

  2. It’s starting to look good. As long as you can keep the content lively, visual, and on the move (without simply repeating blog material), it’ll be a success. I see it’s up to 28 ‘likes’ already, over only a couple of days. 🙂

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