Farewell Concert

The trouble with the concert today was that we were asked only to invite “small circle” as this was a farewell concert – for both our cellists.

Without cellists, the ensemble falls apart.

The concert was great.  During the first part, the quartet played, and I had the privilege to listen to them.  They have been playing together for 16 years and one can hear it – they sound as one.  They played a Mozart quartet in g minor.  It was absolutely magical.

For the second part, the octet played – all of us, plus a double-base, so actually an ensemble of 9 or nonet.  (Ok the word does exist but the spell checker doesn’t like it.)  We played Brandenburg Concerto nr 3, and the Old Castle by Mussorgsky.  It went well; but for some reason we didn’t play the Brahms Hungarian Dance we had prepared, and of course not the Mendelssohn Octet that brought 8 of us together in the first place – not enough rehearsal time for a fairly complex piece.  And then there would also have been a Slavonic dance by Dvorak which would have taken some more rehearsing too.  But all that, though fun and great music, is not a patch on the second Brahms sextet we started rehearsing earlier this year and the Dvorak sextet.  I’ve posted both on this blog before.

Well, and that’s it!  Who knows when we meet again as a group.  We’re all fairly down about it.

The kids were amazingly well-behaved, and there were a number of them – 8, without counting my three.  Many younger than 6.  I was impressed.

On Saturday (that was yesterday) a student’s mom got me a ticket to the Montoya Spanish Dance extravaganza.  What a show!  What a wonderful performance!  I even managed to forget my guilt at watching it alone with my kids out at Scouts Field Day.  It was mind-boggling.  I noticed though 🙂 that the girls dancing were to the most part a little chubby – not anywhere like the skinny crowd that was doing it when I last saw the Montoya show – in 1989.  (That’s not to say they were all teenagers and are middle-aged now; it’s a Spanish Dance school.)

Oh, and 13th St Patrick’s won the Field Day!  Again!  (We had to – it’s 2013, we can’t let that slip by!)

And for now, what’s left but the Violin Studio, writing, and the publishing biz.

Anyone want a 5-page-wonder website?  I promise not to include too many funny-looking characters in the text.


2 thoughts on “Farewell Concert

  1. A very sad occasion when a group stops being one. You are very careless placing cellists where you can’t find them.
    I find it hard to picture plump Spanish dancers – the slim hollowed spine seems so much the enduring image.

    • LOL yes it was rather… a mind-shift. There were a couple of hollowed spines, and one amazing contortionist, but on the whole…

      Cellists are a huge problem. Where can one find them? I think I may have to advertise. 😦

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