My baby is back

She was on school “leadership camp” this week (should more accurately have been called “mud crawler camp”).  They didn’t allow the children to take their cellphones along so I really got to feel how my mom always felt when we were away.  I can understand, in retrospect, why they didn’t allow it.  The camp was a mix of education and basic training, teaching them how to scale 3m walls and wriggle through muddy tunnels, I have to wonder in which way it prepares them for life?  Life as a vagabond or bank robber perhaps.  And if each young lady (and I suppose, a fair amount of the boys too) had called their parents after that first day, they could have forgotten about the rest of their camp because we’d have come and fetched our kids!

You ask yourself, what’s special around Brits?  I did wonder, but we were told it’s an “inn, inside a game reserve”.  Well, they did learn about spiders, scorpions and snakes; and they got to pat a baby crocodile.  I’m sure the camp had its glowing moments too.

The sweetest thing she said:  “You know, Mommy, family is like air.  You breathe it and take it for granted, and being on camp is like being under water, you suddenly realize how you miss your air.”  Teens, hey!  I did inform her that when one grows up and gets ready to start one’s own life, the air that is family starts getting a bit stinky.  She liked that.

Classic too that some kids arrived with dagga and with alcohol.  I have to think what a sheltered childhood I had.  Drugs didn’t happen in our school; neither did teen pregnancies.

Tomorrow is Scouts Field Day.  In fact the Scouts are already there and have built half of what they are planning; but I couldn’t do it to my daughter who’s just returned from camp.  And my son is not 100% well, I’m not allowing him to sleep in a tent this weekend after being in bed half the week coughing.  So tomorrow morning I’m loading the three of them into the car and driving out…  Hubbs is already there at the place, camping over tonight helping the Scouts, Scouters and parents.

But I’m missing most of Field Day myself, because I accepted an invitation to watch a student of mine perform Spanish Dancing (the Montoya school which is famous), before I even knew that it was the weekend of Field Day.  Looking forward to the Spanish Dancing but sore about missing the Field Day (again!).  To me, Field Day is a holiday, a sun-drenched, relaxed day of hanging around a fairly wild piece of veld watching all the Pretoria scout groups compete with building amazing structures from poles, doing tug-of-war, bow-and-arrow, cooking competitions and so on.  The cubbies usually have something fun on – an obstacle course (but not one with 3m walls and mud tunnels!), and when I can, I help out there…

And on Sunday is our (first and) last concert with the octet.  That is very sad; both our cellists are moving overseas.  😦  It’s also more or less the end of the Divertimento ensemble, until further notice, so I’m not even putting up the website I made for us, until we are back in action.

(So if anyone wants to book us for a wedding, they’ll have to content themselves with “Zoltan and Kalinka”  – gypsy violin with guitar backing.  It’s not exactly classical, quite a different atmosphere.  They love booking us at outdoors weddings, usually we are invited to play at the smaller-scale, artistic style ones.)

Well, we will see how this weekend goes.



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