There are a few “spoilers” one “ought” never to use on one’s blogs.  They include words such as “LOL”, “btw”, the whole sms lingo in fact; and some other slang.  Well this gypsy cannot stand “oughtness”, so I’ve decided to trademark (*TM) every spoiler I use deliberately.

So here goes:


Like the good teacher and mom I am (pat-pat (*TM)), I enrolled four youngsters in violin exams again this year.  It keeps them moving forward.  Two of the four are in fact my own; both have their photo featured in my “Violin Tunes” booklet (because firstly they were conveniently there with a number of violin photos and secondly I’d have to look far to find prettier kids 😉 (*TM) ) as good, practising students with a love for the thing.  LOL (*TM), in reality I’m not Tiger Mother (thank mercy!), and they, just like normal kiddies, hardly ever knuckle down and practise.  So enrolling them is the only real way I can force them to move ahead with their musical development.

That’s fine by me.  It took us a total of 3 months last year to bring Meggi up to level Gr 2 and Ray to Gr 4 (which in my books is a marker exam – the first “serious” one).  So I decided, do it again this year!  I enrolled them and two further students.

Yesterday I get an email from Trinity informing me of the exam dates.  They have moved those dates a whole month forward!! We now have pretty much 6 weeks only to take in the whole syllabus of, respectively, Gr 3 and Gr 5!

That’s YIKES,  especially in the light of how I’m working towards our two promotions on the website (the Facebook “Like” campaign and the schools ebook giveaway).  There’s a lot of work entailed (for me) in those two promos; but not enough, I’m hell-bent on writing out a writing contest for high-school youngsters.  (That should yield some interesting stuff!  2 of Robin’s friends write.)

Needless to say the results are chaos.  I’ve got square eyes from the computer work; and my kids have square fingers from practising.  Will we make it?  Oh heck (*TM) I do hope so!

My oldest is on school camp; so this is one lost-looking mom.  Robin is 16 this year, I have no idea what to do for her Sweet Sixteen, friends’ rich dads are taking the whole little crowd (4 friends) to places like Gold Reef City (overnight).  Can’t afford that, so the creative juices will have to be employed.

…got to run now, lessons to give, books to shape, etc etc




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    • 😀 So true! Thanks for the luck, I need every bit I can get.

      Update: Both Ray and Meg are shaping nicely with the violin; C, another student, does the best of all while A… well her mom tends to be Tiger Mother so one can hope she’ll practise enough to pass too. After this morning’s round of lessons I’m slightly more hopeful.

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