Come and peep

Web updates always swallow a lot of my time (because somehow I can never settle for just a little update).

I’m halfway in the process; this is usually the case.  But come and look so long!  We’ve got an interesting situation over at the P’kaboo Freestuff and P’kaboo News pages!  😉

I’m pooped, off to bed I go!

Tomorrow, lessons, the inspection of a violin in Joburg, and a rehearsal in the evening.  Things are picking up nicely now.

  The Dargle – Waltz by Leslie Hyla Winton Noble

Free images  by Lee Young



7 thoughts on “Come and peep

    • OH LOL!!!

      No I played on a violin that a student was potentially going to buy… but while the violin was stunning on the E-string, the rest of the strings were … not really good. She returned home and appreciated her own violin again.

      I wish I could monitor on our site stats how often people go listen to the Dargle Waltz! Did you see? Immy is LIVE!

    • It is truly amazing how things made on the same basic design and using similar materials can differ so greatly on what they produce. Even more so that this model could give a good result on the highest string and flop on the rest.

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