Cenwen’s Song


This song haunted me all of last night.

You get to it through an incredible battle.   I’m not going to give away too much – Spellforce gamers know.  Those who don’t know Spellforce but do play computer games, can really give this game a go…  everything about it is beautiful; the landscapes through which the avatar moves, the storyline is great, the music throughout (though the “fighting” music does get repetitive).

Anyone who doesn’t play computer games:  I don’t recommend it.  It eats hours upon hours, much longer than it would take you to read the whole Eragon or Lord of the Rings series.  In fact rather read the whole Solar Wind series, then you know you’re part of something that is truly new…  I wish I could approach the writers of Spellforce to make Solar Wind into a game!  They are brilliant; plain brilliant.  The same love and creativity goes into such an immense game as into the best movies, compositions, script writing.  Plus the programming.

FYI:  It’s the only computer game I play (except for an occasional hand of Freecell or Tetris).   But in inspiration, Spellforce rates right up there with the best books I’ve read, including “The Little Country” (Charles de Lint); and the best movies I’ve seen including Avatar.



4 thoughts on “Cenwen’s Song

    • That’s right. 🙂 You’d love it. That’s the problem. I have to add that it’s such a beautifully designed game that for me, it acts as inspiration.

  1. I regard computer games the same way I regard stuffing an olive. Having said which why don’t you do just that, get in touch with the makers of that computer game and suggest they make Solar Wind into a game? Know of a good agent who could act for you? 😀

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