Been fiddling

… with various things:  Our pricing of Mercury Silver (  and others on Amazon; our general pricing on our website; and then I decided to give the bookshop the lick of fresh paint it hasn’t received when I upgraded the website.

Feel free to visit the

P’kaboo Bookshop

once again.  I’m not quite finished yet (is one ever?), want to make a separate page that deals exclusively with all the ebooks and other e-files we have.

In the meantime I’m battling with a decision:  To upload or not to upload Solar Wind 4 (Raider!) to Amazon before I’ve brought out the paperback.  It’s not usually our policy.  Which is actually funny because my very first move was to upload my books as ebooks to various places.

SW5 (The Morrigan) is a bit trickier.  There are creases in it that don’t want to iron out.  Stubborn ones.  But I’ve always been more stubborn than that.

If I don’t get away from the computer soon I’ll see double though.  So, enjoy.




2 thoughts on “Been fiddling

    • In fact, some of the books have come down in price due to the shameless plummeting in Rand against the USD. The Rand price remains the same but UK and US people will find stuff on the site has got more affordy. This does in no way devalue the content, of course. 🙂

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