Letterpress Cafe

*if anyone can tell me how to get the accent on the ‘e’ of ‘cafe’ I’d be most obliged!!*

Letterpress Cafe

is the new kid on the block.  Run by a top quality designer, it combines the need of the client for top quality, old-style letterpress printing with the need of the person for a cuppa and a good chat.


Of course I’ve got a vested interest:  Bernhard “Irthling” Klein is one of our book cover designers.  😉



He found this old machine somewhere, rescued it, polished it up and fixed it with custom-made parts, because some parts were broken beyond repair and one can of course not find spare parts anywhere – unless one creates them oneself.  So that’s what he did.  The machine works beautifully, probably better than back in its day before 3D CAD-designed parts.

Feel free to click the link and have a look at this little beauty’s facebook page.

And on that note…

About Coffee


Coffee seems to be the topic this month!   I found a resource on CreateSpace, for authors and book signings…  at coffee shops.

Of course this makes sense!  You’d want coffee stains all over your freshly printed, newly signed copies.  A book without a coffee (or chocolate) stain is a book that has not been read.  Not really.  Not properly.  The reader hasn’t been able to get so deeply into the plot as to forget herself and mess a bit of coffee.

I’d like to mention here our UK partner site http://bookseekeragency.com/2013/06/02/a-second-grand-day-out/,

 which certainly warrants a cup of coffee as you browse through the interesting things the Bookseeker gets up to.  It’s a pity I’ve never yet had the opportunity to meet him over a cuppa, as he is continents away from us; but for everything P’kaboo does, the Bookseeker has something more up his sleeve.

So, Bookseeker, here’s to you – coffee cheers!




7 thoughts on “Letterpress Cafe

  1. Café – like that. What do you mean, like what? Weren’t you watching?
    (Just type it in Word, which adds the accent by default, copy, and paste!)

    Guess what – half the family went to a coffee farm a couple of weekends ago! Coffee is the in scene, obviously.

  2. Or if you’re on a PC look for the ‘Character Map’ facility, copy and paste from there, or if you’re on a Mac it’s ‘Character palette’ or ‘Character viewer’.

    • David? Van Eeden? If you are the David van Eeden whom I know personally, HI!! and welcome to my blog! 🙂

      & Thanks for the tip. I’ll try that. Ascii code, right?

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